Rose Bennett on what an Authentic Leader is – Who, What, Where, Why & How?

An Authentic leader, for me, is somebody who can be true to their values and mission in all life’s dynamic environments.

Everyone is a leader

Each individual has opportunities to be authentic in what they do and how they lead their life to its full potential. I am a mother of three young children, partner of nine years and work full time as a Finance manager. My life is no easy ride and I could quite easily take a back seat and let others lead ahead, but I know my worth and now take steps to lead my own life the way I want. 

Being you

To be authentic you need to be… YOU. Whoever you are and whatever you believe in needs to be portrayed in the best light. Life lessons will have already taught you so much about yourself and you need to unlock the meanings behind these. I have learnt all about my self-worth and how much I rely on being accepted by others. To acknowledge the hurt this has caused me has given me drive to better myself from the past.

Anywhere and everywhere. 

You are a leader wherever life takes you. From boardroom meetings to coffee shop greetings, you are the same person in both these situations with emotions, values and missions. It would be exhausting to have a different persona at work or home, like wearing a mask. I have learnt to trust myself more and to not be influenced by others or the environment around me. I have done this by using the PCD (Pause, Clarify & Decide) method and just taking this small time to check in with yourself and how your feeling can easily change a reactive decision. This has paid off as people now notice my presence and appreciate my contributions.

Life satisfaction

To get the most out of your life you need to be in-flow. When you are in this state you are enjoying your time and everything feels effortless, natural and satisfying. To be satisfied in your life is a great achievement and does wonders for your well-being. You will have the drive to inspire others and get the best out of all opportunities offered. I feel most in-flow when I am helping others so being a mother is full of satisfaction. I want to help others find their path, just like I have.


Outlining what an authentic leader means to you will give you the tools to make commitments to yourself. These commitments will steer you to turn off the auto-pilot that has been driving your life and for you to now take control of your destination. I have made a commitment to “take quality time confidently” as I believe an authentic leader is confident in themselves and builds relationships.  Taking quality time without judgement is a very powerful tool and has helped me step away from a being led by others.

I am slowly learning all about myself and I can feel my authentic leader waiting to burst out more and more!

Rose Bennett

Finance manager at Cotswold Fayre Ltd and mother to three young children.