Heart in Business Limited – The Facilitators


Andrew Isaac Thornton is an entrepreneur, the founder of Heart in Business Limited and the owner of Thornton’s Budgens, a supermarket in North London.

His life purpose is to put the heart back into business and encourage the shift from an obsession with profit to a business world where businesses value and grow the Human Potential of their people. Andrew is based in London.


Eudora Ralph Pascall is a founding partner of Heart in Business Limited. She values the honest, clear communication within the team and how through the practical, hands-on experience, Heart in Business Limited is able to work with companies on a new approach to working more heartfully. She has worked with organisations in the private, public and charity sectors.
Eudora is based in London.


Sujith Ravindran is a bestselling author, teacher and Co-founder Being at Full Potential. His Motto is “Doing from a place of true being”.

He is a scholar of the Indian spiritual sciences, a coach to business leaders, political leaders, and entrepreneurs with a passion for social change.
Sujith is based in Vancouver.


Mark Vandeneijnde, is Co-founder of Being at Full Potential. In partnership with 50+ certified Human Potential coaches, we assist organisational leaders across the globe to question some of their most ingrained assumptions about the business, to look at the future with fresh eyes and to courageously expand the role they play in society.
Mark is based in Zurich.