The Human Potential Forum – Testimonials


“A fabulous two days to look hard at yourself and your organisation in ways which are both challenging and rewarding. The expert team skillfully illustrated new ways for me to approach both my  organisation and my whole attitude to work” – Matt, CEO, Raynor Foods, UK


“Time away from business to reflect and think without the pressures of getting stuff done by a particular time. I felt inspired and at my creative best, something that I have been missing in recent times” – Dave, Founder, Quantic, UK


“After the forum, I’m consciously making more time for reflection and trying to be kinder to myself and to others” – Rich, Group People & Organisational Development Director, UK


“The workshop has made me consider what I need to do to move forward positively at work and in my personal life; and I discovered the power of silence, ensuring I take the time to reflect and to have space for new ideas and wellness” – Hayley, Head of Marketing, WAC Arts, London


“I loved stepping away from my busy mind to focus on one specific thing” – Jane Milton, Food Industry Expert, London


“I’m more mindful of connecting emotionally when at work and working beyond the processes and policies of my role” – HR Manager, UK