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Thank you for your interest in our Business Leader Journey, we are delighted that you want to know more!

The Medicine Journey Process

For psychedelics to be safe and effective, it’s critical to prepare your intention before the actual medicine journey and have effective integration support after it.

The programme is being facilitated by a team of four facilitators who have all served a long apprenticeships within different disciplines and with different companies, and have facilitated many psychedelic groups in Europe and South American. Their role will be to guide you through the process, to ensure that you are cared for at all times and that the highest ethical standards are adhered to. There will be a medic on site during the actual medicine journey.

The Journey process would involve the following steps:

  1. Two preparation on-line group calls – an initial welcome call and an intention setting call.
  2. The 3-day psilocybin ceremony workshop, which will  also include a breath work ceremony and your initial integration session before departure.
  3. Three group on-line integration sessions.
  4. One 1:1 on-line purpose session with Andrew Thornton.

The workshop itself would involve yoga, movement, breath work, healthy eating, outdoor activity, sharing circles and the ceremonies themselves.

There will be a Signal group set up from after the welcome call and you will be encouraged to share your experiences, along with any concerns you have and or any challenges you face.

The benefits

I have experienced many benefits from my medicine journeys, including:

  1. Stress reduction: I feel less stressed and less emotionally exhausted.
  2. Focus and purpose: I feel more clarity on my purpose in life and more focused on delivering it.
  3. Creativity and joy: I feel more connected to joy in my life and more creative in developing solutions for the extraordinary challenges in the world right now.
  4. Consciousness: I feel more conscious and aware of how I am and how that impacts others.


The workshop will take place at the Code 49 Retreat Centre just outside Amsterdam, with the rest of the programme being on-line. We will rendezvous in Amsterdam at 12 noon (local time) on Tuesday October 8 and we will be complete by early afternoon on Thursday October 10.


The cost for the process will be £2,500/€2,950 + VAT per head to include all four stages outlined above and your accommodation/food for the workshop. You will need to make your own way to Amsterdam and allow up to €50 for incidental items.

As it could be very powerful to do this with another leader with whom you are close, we are offering a discount if you bring along a colleague or two. The price for two people booking together will be £2,250/€2,650 each + VAT, three people £2,000/€2,350 + VAT each.

Your fee is payable once you have been offered a place on the workshop and is non-refundable – you will be sent an invoice if you are offered a place.

Selection Process:

In order to secure a place on our waitlist, can you please answer the application questions on the form at the end of this page.

As psychedelics are not for everyone, once you have completed the application questions, you will be sent a screener questionnaire to complete. When you have completed this and we have processed it, you will be approached to set up a screening interview with two of the workshop facilitators. All information collected in the screening process will remain confidential and only be available to the facilitation team, and will be destroyed after the workshop.

We anticipate these screening interviews taking place during the month of June and that your place will be confirmed (or declined) shortly after your screening interview. Interviews will be arranged in the sequence in which people submit their applications.

Thanks again for your interest


Andrew Thornton


+44 7831 206691


Further Exploration:

If you would like discover more about the power of psychedelics in the healing process, I highly recommend you watch the 4 part Netflix series ‘How to change your mind’ presented by Michael Pollan:  https://www.netflix.com/title/80229847

You could also look at this detailed guide to the use of psilocybin mushrooms: https://thethirdwave.co/psychedelics/shrooms/


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