The Team



Founder, speaker, coach, author

Andrew Thornton is an entrepreneur, speaker, author and advisor & coach to business leaders who see that businesses can be a force for good in society. He lives, writes, speaks and coaches the principles of Heart in Business on a daily basis, encouraging business leaders to deliver their purpose through habits – knowing this will lead to thriving businesses and individuals. 

Along with his partner Eudora, he developed the heart way of doing business in his award winning London supermarket, Thornton’s Budgens. He considers himself to be a ‘Visionary Heart Surgeon’, having demonstrated that helping business leaders to open their hearts is the best way to build a sustainable and profitable business.



Founder, coach, author

Eudora Pascall is an alchemist coach, facilitator, speaker, author, mother, investigator and confidante (not necessarily in that order). Her personal values and beliefs are her guiding light in her professional and business life. Committed to living a life of purpose and being in flow, she is passionate that everyone has the chance to experience this. Her work helps people deliver the habits needed to have a more effective and fulfilling life. 

Her thirst for knowledge, and sharing her findings and crafting this into her life’s work, is something that Eudora prides herself on doing. Her clients, friends and family are at the root of all she does.


Financial Manager

Over two decades ago Shanthy worked her way up from bookkeeping for Andrew’s consultancy business SRCG Ltd. to being Financial Controller at Thornton’s Budgens and Company Secretary and Finance Manager for Heart in Business Limited.

Shanthy is Heart in Business’ anchor. She ensures that the ideas that make up Heart in Business’ ethos are executed and realised financially.

Shanthy is also the proud mother of three grown up and well turned out boys.

All our programmes are delivered in conjunction with our global team of coaches and facilitators who use their considerable life experience, training and qualifications as tools to meet and help others. Like Eudora and Andrew, our coaches and facilitators are truly international citizens; multilingual, globally schooled, lived, worked, trained and travelled. Their backgrounds enable them to easily translate between cultures and classes to help people understand and express who they really are.

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