Survive And Flourish

A 28-day practical guide during this time of crisis

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Survive And Flourish offers you daily support, guidance and useful tools to not just survive but to flourish during this time of crisis. 

The world is entering into new and uncharted territory. You have a choice – you can choose to be submerged by world events or you can choose how you’d like to come out of this experience. You have the opportunity to do things differently. This is a time where you can break old habits that are no longer serving you and start new more productive habits. 

‘If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs…yours is the Earth’. Rudyard Kipling 

Perhaps you are one of the frontline people that will be holding your country and the world together by offering healthcare, food provision and many other things that we will all need in order to stay alive. Perhaps you need to hold your household together making sure that the children and adults you live with are properly cared for and supported. Perhaps you are feeling frightened and lonely. This 28 day daily guide is designed to help you to find a way through these difficult times. You will be part of a group of people all wanting to do more than just survive. 

What are we offering: 

A 28 day practical guide enabling you to step more into your authentic self in an uncertain world. You have a choice to do more than just survive during this time – instead you can flourish and come out of this experience more authentically you. The programme will offer you daily support and guidance to enable you to step into the best of you during this apocalyptic time. 

This programme will focus on two questions: 

  • What role do you want to play during this time of uncertainty? 
  • How would you like to be different after this experience?

What will this involve?

  • You will receive a daily video via WhatsApp with practical tools to help you not just survive this time but to grow and choose how you want to be different after this experience. (Let us know if you don’t use WhatsApp)
  • You will receive a daily audio recording via WhatsApp with exercises to help you stay calm and focussed, to stop and reflect. (Let us know if you don’t use WhatsApp)
  • At 4pm BST / 1700 CET / 8am PST on weekdays there will be a 45 minute group video call via Zoom, giving you the chance to be heard and listen to others who are also on the programme. A place where you can safely share how you are doing and how you are feeling. This call will be facilitated. Attendance is optional
  • You will be invited to be part of a WhatsApp group where participants can share with each other how they are finding the programme, how they are coping with the world situation and where they can share about inspiring and challenging situations. This will be a confidential group. Being a member is optional

There are free places available for NHS workers and those more vulnerable in our communities – if you know people whom you feel could benefit from this, share this page with them and tell them to contact to be signed up at no cost.

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