In an increasingly unpredictable world where trust in big business is at an all-time low, Andrew demonstrates how to replace short term profit-seeking with a focus on finding purpose in business. Only in finding this ‘heart’ can business leaders properly engage their workforce – and sustainable profits follow.’ Chartwell Speakers

Andrew Isaac Thornton is a regular worldwide conference speaker on the topics of The Need for Businesses to Address the Climate Crisis; Finding your Purpose; Authentic Leadership and Running a Business with Heart. He speaks passionately about how Heart in Business Limited changed his approach to running businesses and how the creation of heartful businesses is achievable for all.

Andrew Thornton at the Working Options Leadership Symposium, 2019

Andrew Thornton at the Londis Conference, 2019

Andrew Thornton at the NACS Convenience Summit, 2019

You can see more videos of Andrew speaking on the Heart in Business YouTube Channel

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Andrew Thornton brings a wealth of hard earned, real world, commercially viable human experience to his speaking… his uplifting stories of positive transformation in the workplace overflowing into his employees’ personal lives is inspirational stuff!Judy Piatkus, Psychotherapist, Founder Piatkus Publishing Company, Conscious Café

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