Our Work

Our Purpose

Our Purpose: is to encourage and cultivate your journey to becoming more of yourself, discovering the habits needed to step into being a more effective leader.


We know from our work with businesses that the most successful in delivering their purpose and vision are those with clearly defined habits that deliver the behaviours needed to support that purpose and vision. 


Behaviour is defined as the actions of an individual or organisation in response to the environment. A habit on the other hand is a routine of behaviour and occurs when the routine is repeated regularly.


Our work brings together all 4 parts of being human – our mind (thoughts), our physical body (actions), our emotional body (feelings) and our intuition (experiences). Historically business life has been very competitive and rational with a ‘win-lose’ mindset – this has contributed towards the dual Climate and Inequality crises.


Our approach helps deliver a more collaborative and intuitive way of being, with a win-win mindset.


This approach is built up using small steps to develop the clearly defined habits you need to deliver your purpose and values, and to help you understand what is blocking you and your team from routinely implementing the desired behaviours.

Our Mission

Our Mission: we work hand in hand with our clients to deliver change though training, facilitation, coaching and measurement tools with our HEART Culture Model; and use technology to make our work accessible to as wide an audience as possible.  


We use clearly defined behaviours to develop habits to support ourselves:


  1. Active listening
  2. Giving appreciation daily
  3. Being on the pitch, not in the stands
  4. Pausing and reflecting
  5. Giving and receiving coaching
  6. Being in flow & having fun


All of this helps us help you deliver a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN culture – one win for each of the six key stakeholders – your employees, your customers, your community, your suppliers, the environment and your shareholders.


Heart in Business Limited is a B.Corp and is committed to the role that business needs to play in creating a better world for us all.

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