Our Work

Our Mission

Our Mission is to equip leaders to discover the purpose in everyone, to inspire the company to honour its reason for being, so that everyone can be in flow through unknotting and live at their full potential. The Stepping into Authentic Leadership programmes are a key part of achieving this. We act as advisors to business leaders and boards, we facilitate team workshops and open training programmes. We coach business leaders, and help companies measure and track how much of their human potential they are accessing. We do this through our global team of specialist facilitators and coaches.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is that: “We put the heart back into business by healing leaders, enabling them to lead more authentically so that everyone can reach their full human potential”.

We facilitate leaders to discover their purpose and encourage companies to unearth their reason for being. We define heartful businesses as ones where it is safe for everyone to be authentically themselves and access all of their talents.

Accelerated Transformation Coaching

Accelerated Transformation Coaching (ATC) is our unique approach to uncovering the authentic leader in you and getting to the nub of what your purpose in life is. We focus on unknotting what is stopping you living a totally fulfilling life, as we believe that we are all leaders in different aspects of our lives, and that this unknotting process helps you access that leadership – it is a form of alchemy.

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