Mark Vandeneijnde on the assessment of HUMAN POTENTIAL

The HUMAN POTENTIAL Assessment is a powerful tool to measure and unlock how much of our potential is being expressed and how we can develop ourselves to realize more of it. It can be deployed at an organizational, team and individual level. Earlier this year we ran an ORGANIZATIONAL project with Thornton’s Budgens and generated some great insights which you can read more about here: HIBL – Driving Business from the Heart (23 July 2017)

In this blog article, I wish to share an example of how the HUMAN POTENTIAL Assessment has also been used to create significant shifts at an INDIVIDUAL level.

Before debriefing a client I always ask them to read through the report and take note of the findings that resonate, and even more importantly, the surprising aspects of the report. Invariably, when we zoom in on these tensions, or findings that do not resonate at first glance, a profound insight gets revealed. This one client, in particular, was in quite strong disagreement with the scores of the following two dimensions of the report:

  • GENEROSITY (defined as the openness to give to others without expecting anything in return)
  • CURIOSITY (defined as our ability to look at the world with fresh eyes)



We decided to explore his relationship with GENEROSITY first. He could not understand why it was underexpressed. After all, his friends always tell him how much they appreciate his willingness to create time and be there for them when needed. For the most part, he did not expect anything in return as it was simply a natural reflection of the love he feels for his friends and family.

I had to agree with him that, on the surface, this finding did not make much sense. However, as the discussion evolved and we explored other aspects of his life, an incredible new insight, on what it means to be GENEROUS, started to emerge.

In this discussion, I learned that my client had suffered a life-changing accident that by some miracle did not leave him in a roll chair. However, he was forced to stop work for a number of years and continues to live with intense pain on a daily basis.


When returning to work he made a conscious decision to not share the story of the accident and the handicap that he had to live with. He did not want to be treated differently and as a result, kept this very important part of his life private within the work environment. The few people who did know, also knew that his story is an incredible one of overcoming all odds of recovery and being able to return to work close to full capacity. They encouraged him to share it so that others could benefit from the many inspiring lessons as well.

When I asked the client during the debriefing why he was holding back, a profound insight came to the surface when he admitted that the story did not feel worthwhile to share. Instantly we knew why the “CURIOSITY” dimension (defined as our ability to look at the world with fresh eyes) was also underexpressed. There was an opportunity for the client to shift the way he thinks about the accident and the value that his story may or may not have for others.

I invited the client to look at this (limiting) belief through a different lens and consider the possibility that we all have life stories that are unique, powerful and rich sources of inspiration for others. This is where the breakthrough was. Being unique BECAUSE of the accident did not speak to him but the possibility that we ALL have special life journeys, worthy of being shared resonated profoundly. He could now also see that the sharing of our personal life stories, as a way to inspire and open the hearts of others, is the ultimate form of GENEROSITY!

There is GOLD inside of each one of us. What would it take for you to share yours and fully express your GENEROSITY to the world?

These are the kind of insights and breakthroughs that are possible when we explore the deeper parts of ourselves and embark on a committed journey of self-realization. For more information on how to leverage the Human Potential Assessment, please contact Andrew Thornton at Heart in Business or Mark Vandeneijnde from Being at Full Potential.

Click onĀ HIBL – Driving Business from the Heart (23 July 2017) to read our case study which shows this above in action