Helena Clayton on ‘Putting Heart into Business’


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Putting heart into business

Many organisations are places where the self isn’t welcomed. Where our humanity isn’t given much space to breathe and where we feel we shouldn’t let some parts of us be seen. We become smaller people there. That can’t be right. Not for our individual sense of wellbeing and not for the organisation whose success depends on fully functioning human beings. It feels so important to me to balance head – performance, business results, achievement and effectiveness – with our hearts, our soul and our guts.

So I’m interested in what organisations could achieve if they operated from a place of love. I want to know what performance might be enabled if we were able to bring compassion, empathy, kindness to our leadership? What could be possible if everyone was working on something that really mattered to them? If there was more focus on how we worked together rather than solely on what we do.

What if it was ok to talk about our hopes and our dreams? What if we led our teams and our organisations from a place of inclusion? What if you felt that you could speak out about anything you were feeling and know that it would be welcomed? What an amazing organisation we could create together, don’t you think?

I often use the word ‘love’ when I meet and work with clients. I tell them that love is at the heart of my work, that I believe it’s the only thing that matters. Sometimes, I’m met with a quizzical look. But usually, I’m met with a look of recognition and a thankful ‘yes’ because I know that I’m speaking for a growing number of people who feel the same way.

Along with my colleagues in Heart in Business Limited,  I believe strongly that it’s possible to run a highly successful business and also create a culture of heartfulness, of love. I believe we can do good business well when we put our hearts into our business. Don’t you?

With heart,



Helena Clayton, MA, BA, MCIPD is a coach, facilitator and consultant specialising in leadership and organisational development consultant. She works with individuals, teams and organisations to help them build their capability and effectiveness. Helping people focus on what really matters, she balances support with challenge, clarity with compassion. She is keenly interested in how organisations and individuals can balance head, heart and spirit and blogs on the topic of ‘work as love in action’

Helena works across all sectors and at all levels within organisations also teaching and facilitating on an MSc in People and Organisational Development.

Current and past clients include: Virgin Atlantic, Post Office, Sovereign Housing, Capita, Port of London Authority and various Civil Service departments.

As well as a first degree, Helena holds a Masters in Leadership and Learning from Lancaster University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Career Consulting from Birkbeck. She has trained as a teacher of the Hoffman Process and hold as ICF accredited coaching qualification.