Andrew Thornton on the Human Potential Forum

As many of you know, I am totally committed to the experiment of building a sustainable business in a heartful way. Over the years I have realised that this means tapping into the full human potential of our employees and creating the conditions for them to express more of their creativity in the work environment.

It means being in service to a greater cause like supporting the community or doing everything we can to minimise the use of plastic in our products. Committing to this journey has proven to make great business sense too! (as you can see in our case study – Driving Business From the Heart Case Study)

Of course, this journey is not a one-off exercise with overnight success. Instead, for me, it has been an ongoing process of growth and self-improvement with the occasional ups and downs. I find that as long as I stay connected with the bigger purpose of what we are trying to do, I am able to respond to most challenges with an open heart and therefore see new possibilities. Many of you have visited the store and gotten a first-hand feel of the impact that this experiment has had. However, I realised this may not be enough to conclude whether or not this approach is also relevant/appropriate in your own business.

To this end, we came up with the idea of the Human Potential Forum, a two-day immersion into this way of being, where we stepped back from the day-to-day task oriented driven way of operating, into a more reflective space with a chance to see how we can develop our own potential.

And we piloted this in London this May, with a great group of 16 business leaders. They really embraced the process and came away with an understanding of how they could use more of their own human potential.

Here is what two of them said about it:

“What was best about the forum was to work with like-minded people, to learn from others and to help others to learn, to reflect and to use the models. This was the first time that I’ve experienced a workshop where I believe that the event has truly tried to honour the commitments made”

“A great two days that left me excited and committed to make my company a great place to be, a place where people can shine and where the results are an outcome of the human factor”

I care deeply about this way of being and as the passionate advocate that I am, I want everyone to have a chance to experience it!

I really hope you can join us for one of these forums – over the next 9 months.  We have forums in London, Mumbai and South Germany.

If you’d like to find out more click here:  Or give me a call on +44 7831 206 691.

I hope you had a good summer and wish you a fulfilling and potential growing autumn!

With Heart,

Andrew Isaac Thornton