Andrew Thornton on ‘What is “Heart in Business”?’

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So after 18 months of thought and planning, here is my first Heart in Business blog. Why you wonder do I care about Heart in Business? Good question! Well, I believe the current business model is breaking, that the obsession on short term profits is leading businesses further and further away from making a positive contribution to society. And more importantly for shareholders, away from delivering a sustainable and fair return for those shareholders.

I believe that if companies put people and our planet first, that profit will follow. And through Heart in Business, I intend to prove this. Check out our short film on what we have done at my supermarket, Thornton’s Budgens (on our home page) and watch the Ray Anderson TED talk (resources page) for some clues about the positive impact that being heartful can have on a business.

And join me in this movement to shift how businesses are in this world. Yesterday, I did a talk to over 300 lower sixth form students in Kingsbury High in North London. They seemed to think that the idea that businesses only thought about their profits was totally normal….yet when I described how this could be different, how businesses they might work for in the future could put people and our planet ahead of profit, there was a shift in energy. So join me in helping ensure that when these young people are in the primes of their careers, many of them will be working for Heartful businesses.

And watch here for our guest blogs, starting tomorrow with Rita Clifton CBE former CEO of Interbrand, founder of Brand Cap and one of the worlds leading authorities on brand value. And read her views on the role people play in developing strong sustainable brands.

Warm wishes, Andrew.