Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Heart In Business events are for me?

Ask yourself one simple question – ‘Do I look forward to going to work in the morning?’ Everyone deserves to enjoy their working lives. If your work causes boredom, discomfort or even pain, you need Heart in Business events to get you back on track and looking forward to going to work again.

Is Heart In Business appropriate for my business?

Whatever the nature of your business, take a moment to reflect – is your team thriving and using all of their potential? If not, or if you are not sure, contact Heart in Business sooner rather than later. No one wants to look back on their working life with regret. You and your team deserve the best that work and life have to offer and to contribute the best you can to the world you live in today and the world you are shaping for tomorrow.

Surely, I can learn all this stuff from books and the internet on my own?

Perhaps, but how much time have you got? It is actually faster and easier to learn from other people in the real world than to risk misinformation, continually making mistakes, isolating yourself or suffering for any longer than you absolutely have to. At Heart in Business, you experience proven tools and techniques for yourself. You take home this powerful form of learning to put into immediate practice in your professional and personal life. Heart in Business events are specifically designed to rapidly take you from wherever you are now to connection, hope, growth, action and change.

How do I know this ‘Heart In Business’ process works?

At Heart in Business, our principles are informed by extensive real-world testing of Heartful business practice, in particular at Andrew ‘s north London supermarket ‘laboratory’, Thornton’s Budgens – feel free to contact us, drop by, chat, and be inspired by Heart in Business in action:

No-one else in my organisation is interested in this kind of event. Is there any benefit if I go it alone?

Absolutely. If things could be better in your relationship with work, be proactive. If you wait for others, you might wait forever. Go it ‘alone’ and you will be delighted to discover like-minded people at your chosen Heart in Business event. You will become part of a community of leaders, managers and people who value their authentic selves and their purpose in life. You might also find that when you take Heart in Business learning back to your organization, others follow your example. Although Heart in Business works best with CEO leadership, it’s entirely possible to transform whole departments and divisions of companies when key executives take the initiative.

What if I discover I’m in completely the wrong job for me?

If you are asking this question, then it’s certainly possible that there are more suitable opportunities for you out there. If this is the case, Heart in Business will reveal and explore this truth and enable you to make decisions about how and where to invest your potential going forward. If this is not the case, Heart in Business will help you make the most of your potential and transform your current role.

Do you offer payment plans for event fees?

Heart in Business are able to accept pre-payment in three or fewer installments, provided full payment is received a minimum of one month prior to the event taking place.

Do you have any free places on Heart In Business events?

Bursaries (full payment on your behalf) are allocated for participants in situations of need. Bursary places are limited, however, and we do not engage in correspondence regarding decisions as to qualification. If you feel you might benefit from bursary assistance, please contact us to discuss your circumstances in confidence:

When is the best time to go on a Heart In Business event?

The most common feedback we have from participants on Heart in Business events is that they wish they had done them sooner. It is never too early to start your Heart in Business transformation and live your best personal and working life. We are ready when you are.

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