What does authentic leadership mean, how do we deliver it and how can it make our organisations more effective?

What is our purpose as leaders and how do we connect this to our organisations purpose?


Behind closed doors, we have heard the deep concerns of leaders. They accept that without a much more ambitious clarity of purpose, the corporates, public service and political parties they work for will not retain the confidence of millennials and the Next Gen.” – Thinking the Unthinkable, Nik Gowing & Chris Langdon

  • Individuals, teams and organisations face a turbulent world and are struggling to adapt, wondering how we can differentiate ourselves.
  • More than ever before, we are being challenged to define our purpose in a way that inspires our people AND creates value for all stakeholders, not just for shareholders.
  • Too often though, this exercise is an intellectual one, resulting in nice words, but its not authentic so people don’t buy into it.

Our promise:

  1. Quality time and space with a small group of like-minded leaders to reflect on the big WHO & WHY questions.
  2. A journey into what being an authentic leader means and how you can apply this to produce better returns for your organisation and a more fulfilling life for yourself.
  3. New tools and practical tips to inspire more authenticity within your team and organisation.

Why the AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP FORUM might be for you:

Do you feel that you or your organisation lack the clarity of purpose to take things to the next level? 

Would you like to better understand how you can authentically make a difference in your organisation and in your world, creating the conditions for you to live a more fulfilling life?

At our AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP FORUM, you will get answers to these questions and better understand how you can better use your inherent human potential and those of your colleagues to deliver a step change in your organisation and in your life.


The following is our next Authentic Leadership Forum:


What was best about the forum was to work with like-minded people, to learn from others and to help others to learn, to reflect and to use the models. This was the first time that I’ve experienced a workshop where I believe that the event has truly tried to honour the commitments made” – Rich, Group People & Organisational Development Director, UK

A fabulous two days to look hard at yourself and your organisation in ways which are both challenging and rewarding. The expert team skilfully illustrated new ways for me to approach both my  organisation and my whole attitude to work” – Matt, CEO, Raynor Foods
Time away from business to reflect and think without the pressures of getting stuff done by a particular time. I felt inspired and at my creative best, something that I have been missing in recent times.” – Dave, Founder, Quantic

The format of the forum was both relaxed and inspiring as it allowed space to learn from others in addition to providing time to absorb the powerful learnings” – Paul, CEO, Cotswold Fayre

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These events are for business leaders who want to make a difference in their organisations. We run separate events for coaches and consultants who wish to develop their ability to apply this approach with their clients. Please click here for events aimed at coaches and consultants.

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