What is Heart in Business Coaching?


Our mission is to help you find your purpose and learn how to be in flow – to experience maximum authenticity and creativity in each lived and worked moment. Heart in Business coaching is for people wishing to lead a fully expressed life.


Heart in Business coaching is instinctive; we continuously meet you where you are at in the moment. We actively listen to what you say – and don’t say – and deeply tune into you to discover who you really are. Anything and everything you share is welcomed and confidential – we have ‘seen it all before’ and are completely non-judgemental. The focus of our work together is what is going on for you now.

We all learn and transform in different ways; some of us are ‘head’ people, some ‘theory’ people, some ‘body’ people and some a combination of these. Heart in Business coaching is based on continuous study in many different fields, including Transactional Analysis and Jung. We aim to accommodate and enhance your particular style of growth.

Focussed Techniques

Heart in Business coaching uses highly effective process and solution focussed techniques to remove obstacles, improve function and maximise success in people and organisations. At all times, we keep the following principles in mind:

  • Finding your purpose gets you up in the morning and keeps you going through stressful times.
  • Mindfulness allows you to be present, in your body and to develop self-awareness. It enables you to release your past, powerfully step into your present and decide the direction of your future.
  • Being in flow, being fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus, brings happiness.
  • Recharging your batteries ensures you stay resourced and grounded.
  • Stepping into your potential is possible through harnessing your flow to ignite creativity.
  • Community connects us all with ourselves and others from the heart.
  • Community illuminates relationships between individuals, groups and systems. With Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and compassionate recognition of our humanity we respect our commonalities and differences.

Space to reflect

Accelerated Transformation Coaching is our unique approach to uncovering the authentic leader in you and getting to the core of your soul purpose. We focus on unknotting what is stopping you living a totally fulfilling life, as we believe that we are all leaders in different aspects of our lives, and that this unknotting process helps you access that leadership – it is alchemy.

Heart in Business coaching is an opportunity to look at specific issues, professional or personal. Or you may choose to take a bigger view of where you are and where you want to go; Heart in Business coaching considers all the parts of you that make you who you are.

Heart in Business coaching compassionately accepts your entire humanity and helps you step more into who you really are. It embraces all aspects of yourself, even those that feel uncomfortable or that you may have forgotten or lost in the stress and busyness of your life. This is not about forcing change but rather about learning to listen to the quiet voice inside yourself. Heart in Business coaching asks the question, ‘How can you do something different to get a different result?’ With new perspective, new choices are possible.

You do the work, we support

Before sessions, we carefully ground you, so you are safe and connected to yourself. Honesty is the cornerstone of your Heart in Business coaching process. What matters are results and whether we can make a positive impact in your life and work.

If, after your assessment, you or your coach do not feel you are ready, this is discussed together. You are under no obligation to continue with further sessions, to change, or to become anything other than your best self, and only when you choose.

During coaching, we work alongside you. You are enabled to find your own way ahead. When you are willing to try, we may suggest different pathways or choices to aid insight and change. We are patient and kind as we support you to reimagine your life.

After sessions we sit together to confirm you are comfortable, present and in your adult self.

Experience, training, qualifications

At Heart in Business Eudora Pascall is our lead coach and facilitator, and works with our global team of coaches and facilitators who use their considerable life experience, training and qualifications as tools to meet and help others. Like Eudora and Andrew, our coaches and facilitators are truly international citizens; multilingual, globally schooled, lived, worked, trained and travelled. Their backgrounds enable them to easily translate between cultures and classes to help people understand and express who they really are. Trained in many different therapeutic schools, Heart in Business coaches and facilitators are deeply pragmatic and empathic, questioning and curious. Their combined business and therapeutic backgrounds enable them to strengthen open, clear communication within teams. Heart in Business coaching and facilitation is intuitive, inclusive and professional; it is wholly confidential and guided by the highest standards of governance, supervision and continuing professional development.
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