Since Heart in Business was created in 2014, we have been experimenting in our laboratory, which is founder Andrew Thornton’s supermarket, Thornton’s Budgens. Our goal – to develop a way of delivering a more heartful approach to business, one we now call Authentic Leadership.

What is the Coaching Leadership Programme?

Our Coaching Leadership Programme is a series of workshops taking place over 11 months, for leaders in organisations who want to change organisational culture – and develop authentic leadership.

How can organisational culture become more authentic?

It is a unique blend of coaching, training and ways of being that deliver this. Our Authentic Leadership Forum and Stepping Into Your Authentic Leadership Programmes have helped business leaders deliver this approach in their own businesses. One of the earliest adopters of the heart approach has been Paul Hargreaves, CEO of Cotswold Fayre. His whole leadership team have taken part in our Stepping Into Your Authentic Leadership Programme and this approach is now being rolled out across the organisation. As he said:

‘As an experienced leader, I can thoroughly recommend Stepping Into Your Authentic Leadership for those wanting to develop their leadership teams. Gone are the days when it was acceptable for complete separation between their personal and work life. These days it is only authentic, real leaders that will be followed by people who want to see real change happening in the world and this course will help you and your team become those that will be followed.’

Paul Hargreaves

In Thornton’s Budgens during 2018/19, we have been working on how we develop authentic leadership as an ongoing way of doing business and have concluded that this can only be grown internally, by the leaders of the business themselves; no matter how much we at Heart in Business or other outside advisors can support you, if you want to make a sustainable long term change to your business, you can only deliver this yourselves.

To support businesses who want to make this next level of transformation, in 2020, we are running our first Coaching Leadership Programme – this is aimed at business leaders who wish to lead this transformation from the inside out.

It takes the best of more traditional operations based management and blends it with a coaching style of management, allowing the participants to be the internal champion of authentic leadership.

To participate in this programme, you will need to have completed our Stepping Into Your Authentic Leadership Programme and have the desire and skills to help people within your organisation grow.

What will I learn?

On this programme, you will learn how to implement a coaching culture and be taught on the use of a wide range of tools that Heart in Business have developed to become a coaching leader – the skills you will learn will cover both group facilitation and one on one coaching, and the application of the Human Potential tool across your organisation.

The Programme, which will run for 11 months, will culminate in your running a one-day Authentic Leadership workshop within your organisation.

What is the structure of the programme?

Over the 11 months, there will be 9 face to face modules. The kick off and completion modules will be 3 days each, with two 2 day workshops and five one day workshops in between. Dates will be published here shortly.

In total, there will be 15 days of face to face training, along with monthly coaching and team Zoom calls.

Dates (2020-2021): dates announced when we have 5 participants signed up

Location: Highgate, London

Facilitators: Eudora Pascall and Ralph Lewis

Cost: We operate a three tier pricing structure for this Programme depending on your situation. Pricing to be confirmed.

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