Charlie Efford on Practising Conscious Leadership

You have looked at the way your organisation operates and bumped up daily against the politics and games that people play. You have noticed the mixed levels of engagement and, maybe wondered what it would be like if more people enjoyed their work. You have also probably done some personal development work and are keen […]

Charlie Efford on The Chain of Conscious Leaders

A Chain of Conscious Leaders Imagine you have spent your whole life living on a mountain in an equatorial jungle. At the base of the mountain, the vegetation is dense, dark and oppressive. The people who live there rarely see the light and have no understanding of space and openness. You live higher up the […]

Chris Langdon and Nik Gowing on why we must “think the unthinkable.”

Thinking the unthinkable has to be routine for leaders across business, finance the public and third sector, given the scale and pace of change that all organisations are facing, argue Nik Gowing and Chris Langdon. Why did so many at the very highest levels in leadership roles fail to anticipate the financial crash of 2008,  […]

Stewart Wallis OBE on what Heart in Business means to him

What is business for? And who is it for? These are questions that have intrigued me ever since I was a 21 year old at university. I applied to a number of companies (the usual ‘milk round’) whilst at Cambridge; I was interviewed by a major multi-national at one of their detergent plants. One of […]

Ian Thurgood on Two Lessons

Lesson One:   A long time ago, I was working as a draftsman in a company with 70,000 employees. It was easy to come and go, relatively un-noticed and as a somewhat introverted individual, that rather suited me. My work was of an acceptable standard and in some ways I quite enjoyed it.   One […]

Anita Hoffmann on Generosity – Creates Trust and Abundance

Over my long and varied career, mainly in large multi national businesses, the one thing that created success where acts of generosity. They created collaboration, how we felt about our work as well as sometimes even changing the trajectory of lives and careers;  I will never forget the lunch in 2003 that changed my life […]

David Cadman on Heart in Business: Love Matters

Just suppose for a moment that the guiding principle for business was Love. This would change everything. And this possibility is not as odd as it might seem, since it appears that our natural inclination is for loving. According to social biologist Humberto Maturana, we are by nature “loving animals” – homo sapiens amans. And […]

Helen Walton on The <3 of Gamevy

  Gamevy is employee-owned and we’re focused – as our key purpose – on making our employees happy. What’s that mean? Profit! Employees are rarely happy when they have no money to pay their bills. So Gamevy is certainly very interested in making money which we can share out as dividends. This matters because almost […]