Practising Conscious Leadership – Charlie Efford

You have looked at the way your organisation operates and bumped up daily against the politics and games that people play. You have noticed the mixed levels of engagement and, maybe wondered what it would be like if more people enjoyed their work. You have also probably done some personal development work and are keen […]

Charlie Efford on The Chain of Conscious Leaders

A Chain of Conscious Leaders Imagine you have spent your whole life living on a mountain in an equatorial jungle. At the base of the mountain, the vegetation is dense, dark and oppressive. The people who live there rarely see the light and have no understanding of space and openness. You live higher up the […]

Are you ready for Conscious Leadership?

Are you ready for Conscious Leadership? I want to help you answer this question by asking you some more questions: Why do you come to work? Do you trust the people you work with? What does success look like in your organisation? Why do you come to work? I am going to assume, like most […]