Hannah Fisher on Leadership

How many leaders have you met in your working life, who have both inspired you by their example, and made you feel valued? When I think about MY answer to this question, I realise that sadly, it’s a small number. It is an unfortunate fact that in this modern world in which we live, leadership […]

Andrew Thornton on the Climate Crisis

The Climate Crisis needs your attention NOW! It is clear that serious action is needed on climate change and that it is needed now. And while Government action is critical, as business leaders I don’t think we can wait any longer for them to take the sort of drastic action that is required. After all, […]

Ashton Marriott on Authentic Leadership

It’s all about the feeling… When you are with ‘a leader’, for me, it’s about the palpable energy in a room, a stimulant, that can spark something within you or fuel a fire that’s already lit. Authentic leaders are honest and live for what they believe in, their behaviour is driven by their values. It’s […]

Paul Hargreaves on Leadership

This week I thought I would return to a subject I have look at previously: leadership, and, more to the point, good leadership.  In a current very turbulent climate for business, there is a need, more than ever, for good leadership in business and politics.  I wonder how much authentic leadership is out there.  In […]

Andrew Thornton on why Human Potential Matters

I was asked this morning why Human Potential matters and how this all links to purpose, both as an organisation and as an individual. As humans, we thrive when we have a purpose, a reason to get out of bed – Ikigai is what the Japanese call it. And, the same applies for organisations. All […]

Andrew Thornton on the Human Potential Forum

As many of you know, I am totally committed to the experiment of building a sustainable business in a heartful way. Over the years I have realised that this means tapping into the full human potential of our employees and creating the conditions for them to express more of their creativity in the work environment. […]

Andrew Thornton on ‘Eat the Elephant, one bite at a time…’

As some of you know, we ran our first Human Potential Forum in London last month. We had 20 business leaders drawn from 8 different organisations who feel the call to take a more ‘heartful’ approach to their organisations.  Most were businesses and one was an Arts’ College – this works just as well in […]