“Everything we do at Heart in Business Limited has been ‘road tested’ at Thornton’s Budgens, Andrew’s supermarket in North London. The video above and the results below speak for themselves:

Like for like sales (to Nov 2016):

Growth + 5%

Budgens Control store -5%


Budgens Estate – 5%
Sainsbury’s -0.9%
Waitrose -1%
Margin Growth over the last year:

Margin growth: 1.5 points

Average Length of service:

3.4 years
Comparable Benchmark:

Budgens Control store: 2.2 years
Costa Coffee: 2 years
Team Survey results:

Average Score: 4.12 (out of 5) vs 4.0 last time
“I love working for this organisation” (4.13)
“I feel I can make a difference in this organisation” (4.23)

These numbers contrast to where the store was at the end of 2014 when they fully started to apply these principles – a huge price war had just broken out in the UK Supermarket sector, sales were 7% down and they were questioning whether they would survive.

For more details on the application of this work at Thornton’s Budgens, click here to read this externally produced case study on our work:  Driving Business from the Heart