Caring does pay dividends

I feel like a politician on the campaign trail, putting forward my case. The case for the status quo in Belsize Park with three independent food retailers and many major chains nearby.

What is clear in talking to residents is how much people understand and appreciate the role of Thornton’s Budgens in our community. It is clear that all the energy and hard work over the last seven years has been noticed and that when it matters, people are prepared to stand up for a business with principles opposing another which seems to have none.

150 people showed up to a community meeting last night and their support for the independent retailers was heart warming. However, I am deeply sad that representatives of Tesco showed up, faced the amount of hostility they did, heard about all the (unresolved by Tesco) issues that have plagued other Camden communities nearby Tesco sites for years and yet left the meeting determined to ‘crack on’.

One of the most contentious issues was deliveries to stores.  One of the residents said that when Tesco come to an area, the locals had to fit into their system (big ‘motorway’ trucks in streets with no parking and not big enough for them) whereas surely, as a new comer, Tesco’s should fit into the system already in place for the local community?

The Tesco response:  “We are a business, we need to do what we need to do to service our stores…”  In a nutshell, as long as they can make a profit, they really don’t care about the number of people they upset or whether they break the law on a daily basis by flaunting parking regulations.

This is a deeply sad state of affairs; and is actually why I have set up the Heart in Business movement.

I expect this may sound like a bit of a rant, however, there is a sound message behind it.  Businesses need to start to behave better.  It is as simple as this.

Warm Wishes

Andrew Isaac Thornton

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