Andrew Thornton on Millennials: giving us hope for the future

So first you may wonder who/what a Millennial is! A fairly new discovery to me,  they are people born between the early 1980’s and the early 2000’s (also called generation Y). What is unique is the difference in their attitude to work – unlike previous generations who were very career and money focused, Millennials care […]

Helen Walton on The <3 of Gamevy

  Gamevy is employee-owned and we’re focused – as our key purpose – on making our employees happy. What’s that mean? Profit! Employees are rarely happy when they have no money to pay their bills. So Gamevy is certainly very interested in making money which we can share out as dividends. This matters because almost […]

Vincent Neate on “What we need is more love in the boardroom…”

As I sit in meetings with clients discussing how they might improve, manage and measure the social impact of their businesses, I am increasingly tempted to throw the word “love” into the conversation to capture what seems to be being said. More than one client out there can probably quote me as saying – “what […]

Andrew Thornton on What does a healthy company look like?

I spent all of Monday at the International Food and Drink Event, a huge food exhibition in London’s Docklands. I was speaking about Heart in Business Limited on a panel on whether the food industry is healthy as well as looking for new innovative “better for you” products for Thornton’s Budgens. Reflecting on the current […]

Malissa Taylor-Saks on “The Heart Programme in Action.”

The Heart Programme has allowed Thornton’s Budgens to deepen its commitment to being a heartful business. It has ensured much better team engagement, greater employee satisfaction and a dramatic improvement in service. There is no better way to get an understanding of Andrew Thornton’s Heart Programme in action than through the words of the people […]

Andrew Thornton on “Does being heartful improve financial returns?”

Yes it does! And it’s not just me saying that. I have just read a report called “From the Stockholder to the Stakeholder”.  Having reviewed 190 different studies, they conclude that around 90% of these studies concur. They use a term – ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).  For me, if a company cares for its […]