Eudora Pascall on ‘We all fall down…’

My partner and I decided to book a week away. Nothing particular, just a week away to reconnect with ourselves and each other. We decided to book through airbnb. We found a lovely little place on a small island. We were feeling slightly smug that we’d planned and booked the holiday well in advance. Then […]

Andrew Thornton on the purpose of a Higher Purpose

“The way we are working in organisations isn’t working” Discuss! Let’s look at two key facts.  First, according to Gallup, 87% of people who work in organisations globally are emotionally disconnected from their work.  Given the percentage of the world’s population that work in organisations and how much time we spend working, this is a […]

Steve Dodd on ‘Store managers can teach us about leadership’

Written by Steve Dodd This week we have a blog by Steve Dodd. In some circles retailing is regarded as a second rate career.  Poor academic results?  No ambition?  Didn’t try hard at school?  Well, you could always work in a shop! It’s true, many retail leaders did not start out with great academic credentials […]

Andrew Thornton on taking time to breathe

As you read this do you feel rushed, your mind wondering if you have time to read anymore – meetings to go to, stacks of e-mails to respond to, links to read, texts to answer? Is this how it is for you most days, evenings and even some weekends? Well, you are not alone – […]

Charlie Efford on The Chain of Conscious Leaders

A Chain of Conscious Leaders Imagine you have spent your whole life living on a mountain in an equatorial jungle. At the base of the mountain, the vegetation is dense, dark and oppressive. The people who live there rarely see the light and have no understanding of space and openness. You live higher up the […]

Shanthy Lal on the benefits of Alignment Coaching

As part of our strategy at Heart in Business Limited, we utilize Alignment Coaching which takes you through a tried and tested, highly structured 6-hour to get everyone doing what they love doing. Over 4 coaching sessions, each lasting 1.5 hours, you will evolve your understanding of the roles at the workplace that truly satisfy […]

Chris Langdon and Nik Gowing on why we must “think the unthinkable.”

Thinking the unthinkable has to be routine for leaders across business, finance the public and third sector, given the scale and pace of change that all organisations are facing, argue Nik Gowing and Chris Langdon. Why did so many at the very highest levels in leadership roles fail to anticipate the financial crash of 2008,  […]