Are you optimising your Human Potential?

First off, happy New Year – may 2017 be fun and fulfilling for you! For years, I have been convinced that if you could measure the ‘collective’ heartbeat of a company, you could predict its long-term performance in a far more reliable way than by looking at quarterly accounts. In the same way that medics […]

Brexit, Trump and Heartful business

I will start by owning my political position – if a label helps, I am a ‘liberal social democrat”. So despite the imperfections of the EU and of Hilary Clinton, I supported the losing side in both cases. And while I feel mystified (and at the same time understand) how Trump got elected and only […]

It’s all about Empowerment

I attended a fascinating workshop last week for founders of companies. One of the key things Tom Nixon (the facilitator) shared was that people who found companies usually have an ‘itch’ – something that really bugs them. For James Dyson, the motivation to create the Airblade hand dryer was how rubbish most toilet hand dryers […]

What is blocking Heartful Business? – Andrew Thornton

  I was at the Trust and Reputation Conference in London last week and posed this question to a panel of senior business leaders:  “Given there are numerous studies that prove that focusing on people and the environment (being heartful in our language) is more profitable in the long term, how come so few businesses […]

Andrew Thornton on Leadership – the key to a better business world

The first step to becoming a heartful business is that the CEO says yes; yes that he/she is committed to make the changes needed to become heartful and to contribute to a better business world.  To me that decision takes real leadership and courage, and requires deep self confidence and inner clarity. Without inner clarity, […]

Andrew Thornton on Clearing the cupboard for empowerment

As I wrote last week, we were delighted our community rose to object to Tesco opening up 150 metres from Thornton’s Budgens. And we took this as a wake up call.  If we are to thrive in the ultra competitive UK food market, we have to raise our game and go deeper into our principles […]

Andrew Thornton on The Power of Community

  One of the three planks of the Heart in Business Limited approach is taking care of your community – along with taking care of your people and our planet. At Thornton’s Budgens, we call ourselves, “The Community Supermarket that really Cares” and we feel we can do that as over our nine year history, […]

Andrew Thornton on Millennials: giving us hope for the future

So first you may wonder who/what a Millennial is! A fairly new discovery to me,  they are people born between the early 1980’s and the early 2000’s (also called generation Y). What is unique is the difference in their attitude to work – unlike previous generations who were very career and money focused, Millennials care […]

Andrew Thornton on What does a healthy company look like?

I spent all of Monday at the International Food and Drink Event, a huge food exhibition in London’s Docklands. I was speaking about Heart in Business Limited on a panel on whether the food industry is healthy as well as looking for new innovative “better for you” products for Thornton’s Budgens. Reflecting on the current […]