Authentic Leadership Forums

‘What was best about the forum was to work with like-minded people, to learn from others and to help others to learn, to reflect and to use the models. After the forum, I’m consciously making more time for reflection and trying to be kinder to myself and to others. This was the first time that I’ve experienced a workshop where I believe that the event has truly tried to honour the commitments made.’

Richard Thomas, Group People & Organisational Development Director, UK


There has never been a more turbulent time to do business than now.

We are in the midst of a Climate Crisis – that fact can no longer be denied. How do we balance our desire to save the planet with the pressures of the marketplace, whilst also ensuring our customers and our staff are happy? It’s a tall order. But we believe it is possible.

Heart in Business is a B.Corp and we believe in focusing on stakeholder rather than just shareholder value. Whether you are a B.Corp or not, if you have found yourself reading this, you are probably grappling with issues beyond just short-term profits. And this is where Authentic leadership comes in.

Authentic leaders are clear in their purpose; they understand who they authentically are and how to make an impact in their working and personal journeys. By being more in touch with their emotions, Authentic leaders create the conditions for everyone to access all of their human potential – to show up fully at work each day, and to synchronise individual and collective purposes.

Heart in Business Authentic Leadership Forums – one and two-day events – are the first step in a deep enquiry into what being an Authentic leader means for you. You will learn how to create a more fulfilling life for yourself, which will also empower you to be your best self for your organisation.


  • You see there is more to business life than maximising short term profits
  • You get the importance of businesses and individuals having a meaningful purpose, and recognise this is the route to a more successful personal and professional life
  • You want to leave a positive legacy in your professional life for colleagues, clients, community, suppliers and shareholders
  • You want to safeguard the welfare of our planet for all future generations
  • You want to secure the future of your organisation and be profitable in every way including financially
  • You understand that if you want to achieve all of the above, you will need to access more of your emotions, moving towards more heart-based decision making

Our promise:

  • Quality time and space with a small group of like-minded leaders to reflect on what Authentic Leadership looks like for you and how you can deliver it
  • Time to reflect on where you put your time and energy, and how you can be more effective in all aspects of your life
  • New tools and practical tips to inspire a more authentic approach within your teams and organisation

Forthcoming Authentic Leadership Forums:

  • 20th November 2019St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, London. Cost – £395 for the first delegate, £197.50 for the second and subsequent delegates. Book here.
  • 11th & 12th March 2020 Skip Garden, London. Cost – £795 for the first delegate, £397.50 for the second and subsequent delegates. Book here.
  • 1st October 2020 Skip Garden, London. Cost – £395 for the first delegate, £197.50 for the second and subsequent delegates. Book here.

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