Ashton Marriott on Authentic Leadership

It’s all about the feeling…

When you are with ‘a leader’, for me, it’s about the palpable energy in a room, a stimulant, that can spark something within you or fuel a fire that’s already lit.

Authentic leaders are honest and live for what they believe in, their behaviour is driven by their values. It’s this, their integrity, that I believe in, that motivates me and drives me on to do better, not just for myself but for them and the whole group, team or company. 

A leader excites and encourages others to be better versions of themselves. 

Collaboration is key to leadership; it builds and strengthens relationships by sharing experiences and knowledge freely. This space to learn and offer perspective gives me the opportunity to feel involved and contribute, gaining self-confidence.

A leader listens to others to understand with empathy and without judgement.

When someone takes a genuine interest in me and is mindful of my wellbeing, it changes my perception of them and how they see me. This personable connection forms a mutual respect and a level of trust that each party takes responsibility for. A magnetic bond if you like, that neither want to pull too far away from, to break, to disappoint the other. And it’s this feeling that has a positive influence on me to be the best version of myself.

A leader doesn’t have to stand in the front to be seen or shout down to be heard.

Stomping authority is not what I see when I think of a leader. What I do see is a group of individual lights that shine either on their own or with others. A team of beneficiaries that when collectively shine, they create a moment of change.

Everyone has the qualities within them to be a leader but it’s the self-belief and staying true to your mission that enables you recognise it. The ‘natural born leaders’ that I hear of are just those of us who have recognised their purpose and live for what they truly believe in, which in itself, is admirable and in turn, inspirational.

To be a leader, a deeper understanding of yourself is vital, in order for you to support and enthuse others. And, for me, the intangible feelings of care are so important to any human’s development; to care for yourself, to care for others and to be cared for by others, creates a consistent circle of security.

That satisfying feeling of internal warmth generated by someone else caring and believing in you, is what I aspire to recreate in others as a leader myself.

…if there is no emotion then, there is no action.