Andrew Thornton on the BCorp response to the Climate Emergency

[Written on Thur Oct 10th 2019, the day of the BInspiredLondon event]

Today has been a very special day. Extinction Rebellion protesters have been risking arrest by standing up for the planet all around London. At the same time, today, business leaders who run BCorps have declared a climate emergency and we have agreed we must cut carbon emissions to zero by 2030. At the BInspiredLondon event, today, we agreed it is our role as business leaders to step up together to make the changes necessary. Our current systems are not working. Money is not an end in itself. We need to press the reset button. In fact – we need a completely new Operating System.

What are we going to do? Well, a worldwide Climate Collective of BCorps is being launched specifically with the aim of achieving this 2030 goal.

BCorp leaders on the stage at BInspiredLondon, Thur Oct 10th 2019

We at Heart In Business and Thornton’s Budgens have been doing what we can to be sustainable, cut out single-use plastic and to put people and the planet first. But it’s only by working together that we can achieve this on a worldwide scale.

Today’s BInspiredLondon event has felt like a real turning point – where business leaders are gathering to say – enough is enough – we have to DO something before it’s too late – together.

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