Andrew Thornton on why Human Potential Matters

I was asked this morning why Human Potential matters and how this all links to purpose, both as an organisation and as an individual.

As humans, we thrive when we have a purpose, a reason to get out of bed – Ikigai is what the Japanese call it. And, the same applies for organisations. All the research that I have seen shows that organisations with a meaningful purpose (to their employees and customers) do better than one whose sole purpose seems to be maximising shareholder value.

This is a journey I have been on for more than 10 years, one that has accelerated when I realised it was about heart – if we open our hearts and show up as authentically who we are, then we have a much greater chance of finding our purpose and if I can run an organisation that way, then people will engage, be happier and we’ll all have a more fulfilling time. And yes, we’ll actually deliver more profits than just focusing on profits only!

For me, what was missing for so long was measurement. The old adage goes what gets measured gets done. Discovering the Human Potential Assessment allowed me to help my team unlock their hidden Human Potential. In so doing, my team decided that they wanted to use self-leadership to help us deliver our purpose (which is “we are the community supermarket that really cares”). And this is how we define it: 

Self-Leadership: is about becoming an expert on yourself through a commitment to honest self -reflection and the ongoing process of learning and growing from your experiences. 

Please do read this definition over a few times and let it sink in! To deliver this, we have in place a set of heartsets (attitudes or values) and habits to deliver these – and these are supported by our coaching and learning programme.

Interested? I hear you ask, “Where do I start?”

Well, you could join our Human Potential Forum in London on November 19th 2019, where we will take a day to reflect on the bigger questions posed above. What is your purpose? What is the purpose of your organisation? What attitudes do you need to develop to deliver this? And how do you go about shifting a traditional narrow numbers focused organisation into one with a wider purpose; and a place where people can thrive by tapping into more of their Human Potential?

It’s a lot to ask in one day and I can assure you that if you do join us, it will be the start of a very different way of life. And, as we really want people from organisations to join us in pairs, we’ve got a special offer running if you bring a colleague! 


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