About Us

We help organisations to transform by supporting their leaders to open their hearts, leading to a transformation in culture where people and planet are prioritised, trusting profit will follow. 

Our approach leads to more fulfilled and empowered employees, happier customers, better communities and less harm to the environment. Compared to the old profit-focused approach, this is far more sustainable and generates greater profits. 

Heart in Business founding partners, Andrew Isaac Thornton and Eudora Pascall have over 50 years’ combined experience coaching and facilitating for individuals and groups and establishing and running successful businesses with Heart.

Your Heart In Business Team

Andrew Thornton

Andrew Isaac Thornton, Founder

Andrew lives, writes, speaks and coaches the principles of Heart in Business on a daily basis. His aim is to build a movement and network of Heartful businesses.

Andrew is the founder of Thornton’s Budgens, an award winning  North London Supermarket, was co-founder of social enterprises The People’s SupermarketFood from the Sky and the retail consultancy SRCG. 

Holding a Masters degree in Marketing from University College Dublin, Andrew splits his time between London and South Germany, and has two sons and a step-daughter. He loves to run, swim, ski and eat great food – with food being a passion of his, it helps owning a supermarket! His book “Putting the Heart back into Business” is due to be published in Autumn 2021. 

Eudora Pascall

Eudora Ralph Pascall, Co-founder

Eudora has 15 years experience being a coach and has worked with CEOs, board members, couples, families and individuals.

Eudora is the founder of DARE TO RETHINK.

Eudora spent over 20 years developing and growing DARE TO RETHINK methodology, influenced by teachings, study and experience in the UK, Germany, France, Greece, the US, Hong Kong, India, Turkey, South Africa and Mauritius.

At university in Britain, Germany and France, Eudora studied organisational and individual change, cultural behaviour and economics. She qualified professionally in Transactional Analysis and a number of individual psychological growth programmes including COR in the UK and the US.

Eudora’s unique, global background in the Private, Public and NGO sectors in Britain, Germany and France further contributes to the creation of DARE TO RETHINK methodology. Eudora’s work enables individuals to better understand their skills and who they are and to rethink who they want to be and what path they want to take.

Ralph Lewis, Business and Leadership Coach

Ralph started his career as an electronics engineer then worked as a Systems Analyst. He has an M Phil in the evaluation of training in the retail sector and was a Business School lecturer in Leadership before starting his own consultancy. His focus has been on application of learning to the workplace, both for individual leadership development and for organisational change.

He has designed and run programmes for companies in the insurance and finance sectors and also the pharmaceutical sector at London Business School. Elsewhere he has run programmes for the computing and public sectors. Geographically he has extensive international programme experience in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa and has run leadership programmes for a Health Charity in Uganda funded by Comic Relief.

Ralph has written or co-written several books on leadership development and many articles on change, strategy and leadership competencies. He co-founded the Centre for Servant-Leadership in the UK. For relaxation he enjoys science fiction and pottering in the garden!

Helena Clayton

Helena Clayton, Leadership and Organisational Development Consultant

Helena coaches and facilitates individuals, teams and organisations to help them build their capability and effectiveness. Helping people focus on what really matters, she offers support with challenge, clarity with compassion. She is keenly interested in how organisations and individuals balance head, heart and spirit and blogs on ‘work as love in action’.

In addition to her first degree, Helena holds her Masters in Leadership and Learning from Lancaster University and a postgraduate Diploma in Career Consulting from Birkbeck. She is a trained Hoffman Process teacher and is accredited with the International Coaching Federation. Helena works across all sectors and at all levels within organisations and teaches on an MSc in People and Organisational Development.

Mark Vandeneijnde 

Mark Vandeneijnde, Business and Leadership Coach

Mark assists organisational leaders to question some of their most ingrained assumptions about business, to look to the future with fresh eyes and to courageously expand the role they play in society. A passionate advocate and practical enabler for greater levels of Human Potential realization in individuals and organizations, Mark is responsible for the application of the Human Potential Assessment Tool within Heart in Business.

Mark’s keen sense of insight and market understanding were the source of many breakthrough initiatives during his 10-year career with a large FMCG company. Global and multilingual Marc is the founder and co-architect of BEING at Full Potential and the Human Potential Assessment Tool. He is also an adventurous film maker in the area of Business Transformation.

When he is not putting the corporate world to rights, Mark can be found skiing, creative writing, taking long walks in the woods and doing anything that looks and feels like play.

Shanthy Lal

Shanthy Lal, Financial Manager

Over two decades ago Shanthy worked her way up from bookkeeping for Andrew’s consultancy business SRCG Ltd. to being Financial Controller at Thornton’s Budgens and Company Secretary and Finance Manager for Heart in Business Limited.

Shanthy is Heart in Business’ anchor. She ensures that the ideas that make up Heart in Business’ ethos are executed and realised financially.

Shanthy is also the proud mother of three grown up and well turned out boys.

Nathalie Rousseau

Nathalie Rousseau, Personal Administrator

French born Nathalie holds a diploma in Business Studies (ESSCA) and has worked in commercial administration and export for family owned businesses in France and Spain and blue-chip companies in the UK. Nathalie speaks French, German, Spanish and English.

At Heart in Business Nathalie provides administration support to the founders, Andrew Thornton and Eudora Pascall.

Whilst living in South West London for the last seven years, Nathalie has dedicated her time to raising her three children in a trilingual environment – her most challenging self-development journey yet. Nathalie enjoys cycling, running, yoga and exploring her creativity.

Heart In Business – Our Story

When founder Andrew Isaac Thornton established Heart in Business in 2013, his 25 years’ in business meant he knew from first-hand experience that running business Heartfully is better for everyone involved – employees, customers, community, the environment – and shareholders.

Heart in Business outcomes have been thoroughly and independently examined at Andrew’s Thornton’s Budgens supermarket in North London. The results speak for themselves; Thornton’s Budgens was 10 points ahead of control store sales and 8 points ahead in use of human potential. The average length of service was 54% greater than the control store and average employee satisfaction was an outstanding 82.4%.

‘I love working in this organisation,’ 82.6% of employees reported.

Click here to read the externally produced case study on Thornton’s Budgens’ ground breaking results after putting Heart in Business into practice.

Recent research shows that unleashing Human Potential in not-for-profit organisations has similar effects, increasing performance and delivering on key measures. Watch a short animation about Human Potential below:

Heart in Business is a certified B Corporation – part of a business community working toward equality, equity in prosperity, a healthier environment, stronger communities and the creation of more high-quality jobs with dignity and purpose.

As part of this approach, Heart in Business donates a percentage of all profits to a bursary fund granting workshop places to those who might not otherwise be able to access them.