Heart in Business Limited was founded by Andrew Isaac Thornton to share what he has learned on his journey from profit focused entrepreneur to heartful business leader. Our team helped Andrew achieve this in Thornton’s Budgens and are now applying those learnings to other clients.

Heart in Business Limited is proud to be a Certified B.Corporation: Using business as a force for good in society, linking human potential to Business Performance

Andrew Isaac Thornton

Andrew Isaac Thornton is an entrepreneur, the founder of Heart in Business Limited and the owner of Thornton’s Budgens, a supermarket in North London. His life purpose is to put the Heart back into Business and encourage the shift from an obsession with profit to a business world where businesses value and grow the Human Potential of their people. He applies these principles in Thornton’s Budgens and Heart in Business Limited clients, speaks on the subject and is currently writing the book “How to put the Heart back into Business”. His aim – to build a movement and network of heartful businesses.

Andrew was a founder director of social enterprises “The People’s Supermarket” and “Food from the Sky”, founded and ran the retail consultancy SRCG , is an Ambassador for Embercombe, the sustainability centre in Devon and is a fellow of the RSA. He is a graduate of University College Dublin, lives in London and has two (growing up!) sons and a step-daughter. He loves to run, swim, ski, write and enjoys great food – it helps owning a supermarket!

Eudora Ralph Pascall Image 4

Eudora Ralph Pascall is a founding partner of Heart in Business Limited. She values the honest, clear communication within the team and how through the practical, hands-on experience of each individual team member, Heart in Business Limited is able to work with companies on a new approach to working more heartfully.

Eudora has studied business, languages, organisational change and business psychology at universities in Germany, Britain and France. She also has a masters in International Studies and Economics. Eudora has worked for the private, public and the charity sectors in Germany, Britain and France. She is fascinated in cross-cultural similarities and differences and how heart is central to any successful business.

Eudora is half German, half British and fluent in German, English and French. She lives near Twickenham with her partner and her daughter. Eudora loves cycling, swimming, discovering the secrets of London and of course German humour.

IMG_4927Shanthy Lal

Shanthy Lal, proud mother of three grown up and well turned out boys, has been working with Andrew for the best part of two decades now.  She has supported him from his corporate beginnings through to the creation of Heart in Business Limited. From humble beginnings, Shanthy has worked her way up from bookkeeper in Andrew’s Consultancy Business SRCG Ltd to Company Secretary and Finance Manager.

When Andrew decided to leave the consultancy to become and independent retailer, she became the Financial Controller at Thornton’s’ Budgens as well as the financial mastermind behind Heart in Business Limited.  Shanthy takes on the responsibility as the company’s anchor.  She ensures that the ideas that make up the company’s ethos can be executed and realised financially.

Hannah Fisher Hannah

Hannah is a musician and website/social-media/IT specialist.

Living in Brixton, South London, Hannah has played in various bands over the years. Currently she plays cornet with London Metropolitan Brass and collaborates with other musicians playing folk fiddle. She also plays piano and bass guitar, and is learning the accordion. 

Hannah has worked for over 20 years in the field of websites and IT in the educational and non-profit sectors.

She also volunteers, helping small voluntary organisations with their websites and social media channels.

She has recently joined Heart In Business as their website and social media specialist. Passionate about equality, social justice, truth and integrity, Hannah believes that people loving what they do, and building bridges with each other, enables organisations to do great things.

Helena ClaytonHelena Clayton

Helena is a coach, facilitator and consultant specialising in leadership and organisational development consultant. She works with individuals, teams and organisations to help them build their capability and effectiveness. Helping people focus on what really matters, she balances support with challenge, clarity with compassion. She is keenly interested in how organisations and individuals can balance head, heart and spirit and blogs on the topic of ‘work as love in action’.

Helena works across all sectors and at all levels within organisations also teaching and facilitating on an MSc in People and Organisational Development.

Current and past clients include: Virgin Atlantic, Post Office, Sovereign Housing, Capita, Port of London Authority and various Civil Service departments.

As well as a first degree, Helena holds a Masters in Leadership and Learning from Lancaster University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Career Consulting from Birkbeck. She has trained as a teacher of the Hoffman Process and hold as ICF accredited coaching qualification.

_DSF1028Lloyd Miller
Lloyd is a mentor and coach, working mostly with senior executives who wish to explore work related issues, both personal and organisational. He is a qualified humanistic psychologist and he draws on 25 years experience in broadcast and corporate media production, as a company director, and as Chairman of the UK arm of a multi-national NGO.

While half his earlier work was related to broadcasting, Lloyd also worked with top brand names on corporate communication issues and helped with organisational projects and challenges.

In recent years he has focused entirely on organizational development work, personal development work and executive coaching. He is also qualified in conflict resolution.

His clients have included, Pfizer, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Great Ormond Street Hospital to name but a few.

Marc ThorntonMarc Thornton

Marc Thornton is a consultant and trainer and is an Associate at Heart in Business Limited.  He lives in Dublin, Ireland. As a caring older sibling and business consultant, he found he was often trying to solve other people’s problems or issues while not actually listening properly and in many cases not feeling what the other people were feeling. He now understands that he was what some call a “people pleaser”. “People Pleasers” put others first and may not be true or honest with their own feelings. That was a significant breakthrough for him. He realised he had deep hidden emotions that had long been suppressed and were just waiting to get out. have. It is very cathartic in many ways. What will I do with all this “new me”?  What does this mean for Heart in Business Limited?  He explores issues in a deeper way and with more emotion in the training and conversations using more challenging words to engage his audience and to get them to open up more in a safe environment, without judgement in order to get a different and better result, often getting to the heart of matters quicker and more effectively.  Marc feels that it is easier to put the heart in business if you can feel it, live it and engage with it.

Mark Vandeneijnde

Mark’s keen sense of insight and market understanding were the source of many breakthrough initiatives during his 10-year corporate career with a large FMCG company.   Now, as co-founder of BEING at Full Potential, he assists leaders, in both companies and other types of organisations, to question some of their most ingrained assumptions about the business, to look at the future with fresh eyes and to courageously expand the role they play in society. He is the co-architect of the HUMAN POTENTIAL Assessment Tool and an adventurous film maker in the area of Business Transformation. Within Heart in Business Limited, Mark is responsible for the application of HUMAN POTENTIAL Assessment Tool.

Tom Nixon

Tom spent 15 years riding the rollercoaster of being an entrepreneurial business founder. In his previous company he worked on strategic projects for clients like Coca-Cola, The BBC, Cisco, Barclays, RSPCA and The UK Government.

He has personally experienced most of the highs and lows that founders go through; some success, near collapse, turnarounds, re-positioning, selling and exiting, and returning to a company he founded. This journey drew him into action research into how and why the vision of a founder becomes realised (or not) and the role and relationship of money in creative endeavours. He applies all of this to the situations of other founders who want to realise ambitious ideas in the world through a coaching and advisory practice.

Tom is passionate about how business can become more purposeful, and a force for good in the world. He’s a director and alumni curator of the Meaning Conference on better 21st century business and speaks at events around the world on these subjects.

Pavanne Chatha

Pavanne is passionate about driving performance through maximising human potential within an organisation. She facilitates this change using Systemic Constellations. This new and innovative process enables organisations to gain fresh insight and perspective. Systemic constellations resource and strengthen the client so they are better able to resolve issues in change and performance and encourage innovation. It allows leaders to navigate and create clear pathways through otherwise complex stakeholder issues.

Systemic constellations are used by governments and corporations in 33 countries worldwide providing a fast and effective way of resolving challenging issues.

Pavanne brings her clients a level of sensory acuity and agility that allows deep transformational shifts to occur. “It is hugely rewarding to see how energised the client is after a constellation once they know how it feels to experience resolve in otherwise difficult and intractable challenges.”

Pavanne holds a BSc in Management Science from the London School of Economics. She has ten years of experience in Investment Banking during which she worked for Deutsche Bank. Amongst other roles, she worked for the research division in Relationship Management and also managed the Outsourcing initiative for Fixed Income and Equity Research in Asia.