Heart in Business Limited

The way forward

At Heart in Business, we inform, inspire and guide companies ready to put the Heart first.  Our proven Heart in Business approach works anywhere a group of humans get together to organise anything – in any commercial business, association or not-for-profit enterprise.

Where wealth flows

Heart in Business is your road map for business success. All Heart in Business strategies are tried, tested and proven in founder Andrew’s north London supermarket ‘laboratory’, Thornton’s Budgens. Heart in Business helps you develop and implement strategies for sustainability and maximum profitability.

Work with love

Companies with heartfelt, authentic leadership, where plans are co-created, enable people to bring out the best of their human potential – the core of themselves. Heart in Business companies are highly sustainable and profitable and built on active social responsibility. All employees make a difference, are heard and understood, and hear and understand their colleagues. Fulfilled and empowered employees work with passion, self-leadership, authenticity and love – for happier customers, for better communities and for the protection of our environment.

This is how companies thrive. This is Heart In Business.

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