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How to put the Heart back into Business

Putting the Heart back into Business is the life purpose of our founding partners and it’s why we exist as an organisation – our mission is: “Growing people, Growing business to full potential for a better society”.

We at Heart in Business Limited inspire and advise companies who want to put the heart first and make the transition from being focused on short-term profits by helping develop the Human Potential of organizations.

Our approach involves putting the heart at the centre of the organisation and leads to more fulfilled and empowered employees, happier customers, better communities and less harm to the environment. As compared to the old profit-focused approach, this in the long-term is far more sustainable and generates greater profits.

And we have also proven that this approach works in the not-for-profit sector – indeed our approach can be taken anywhere a group of humans get together to organise anything – ie in any ‘organisation’.

This is not a theory

When our founder Andrew Isaac Thornton set out on this dream in 2013, he did this from the perspective of a business leader with 25 years experience running his own businesses. He knew there was a better way and realised all his life experience had been to prepare him for this idea – that running a business heartfully was better for everyone involved – employees, customers, community, the environment – and the shareholders.


Everything we do at Heart in Business Limited has been ‘road tested’ at Thornton’s Budgens, Andrew’s supermarket in North London. The videos and the results below speak for themselves:

Sales vs. Control Store: +10 points ahead

Use of Human Potential: + 8 points ahead

Average Length of Service: 54% greater than control store.

Average Employees Satisfaction: 82.4%

“I love working in this organisation”: 82.6%

For more details on the application of this work at Thornton’s Budgens, click here to read this externally produced case study on our work.

Our more recent work has shown that unleashing Human Potential in not-for-profit organisations has a similar effect on increasing performance and delivering on their key performance measures.

We have learned  how to do this

We’ve learned from our work at Thornton’s Budgens and with the other companies we are now working with, that there are 7 key steps you need to consider.  In our experience, it works best if you follow this sequence, although of course, each organisation is different. And while we believe that this works best if the CEO leads it, we also know it’s possible to make small steps in specific departments and divisions of companies.

  1. Intention: Your CEO and board say yes, we want to become a more heartful company.
  2. Measurement: of the heartbeat of the company through the Human Potential Index, a way of understanding how much of your teams Human Potential you are using and a far more reliable measure of shareholder value than quarterly profits.
  3. Heart Resuscitation: We get the heart of your company beating again by aligning each board member’s personal values to that of the company and getting everyone on the board doing the work they love doing.
  4. Purpose: Developing a new higher purpose for your organisation that shifts the focus from short-term profit maximization to long-term wealth creation for all. This will include re-defining your vision and mission.
  5. Being: Identifying new ways of being as an organisation and developing processes for how your people interact with each other, bringing heartfulness to life every day. This will involve creating a safe environment for your people to share their truth and identifying the right structure for your business. This is about identifying a new way of being and a new culture.
  6. Environment: Developing a policy for being an environmentally responsible organisation, leading to a more sustainable future.
  7. Community: Developing a policy for engaging with your local communities, ensuring grassroots support for you and your business.

And it is hard to capture what we do in mere words! So if what you have read so far interests you, come and visit us at the Thornton’s Budgens in Belsize Park, North London. Or read on for our dream.

Our dream

Our mission at Heart in Business Limited is “Growing people, Growing business to full potential for a better society”. Our dream is of companies where we have a purpose, companies that make a broader contribution to society and see the world beyond the next set of quarterly profits.  Companies where we consider all our stakeholders – our employees, our community, our planet and of course, our shareholders. And where we know that this focus will still deliver very good returns for shareholders. 

Companies that care about the impact on people, whether those people work in our company, are customers or live in the community in which we operate. Companies that access the full Human Potential of their employees, where everyone is doing the job they love doing rather the one they are good at, a place where there is passion, self-leadership, authenticity, and love, where we are all making a difference, we are all heard and understood, we all hear and understand our colleagues.

Companies where there is heartfelt leadership, where we co-create plans and where wealth flows. Companies where people are themselves without fear of judgment or punishment.

Companies that care about our planet, that consider future generations, companies that take into account what we are leaving behind for our children and grandchildren. This is our dream of how companies will thrive in the future, indeed some companies already are.

In fact at Heart in Business Limited, we believe this is the only way forward.

And since we wrote this on our founding in 2013, we have proven our hypothesis – that this approach is actually better business, delivering better financial results.

Heart in Business Limited can help you develop and implement a strategy to become a more sustainable business, one where you access more of your Human Potential, where your employees are happier and more productive, one where the impact you have on the environment is less; AND one that is more profitable for your business.

Do come and visit us soon!

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