Heart in Business

Reigniting potential to create an authentic and compassionate culture for people and planet

The Thornton's Budgens team

The most challenging of times

We are simultaneously in a very perilous and exciting time – we humans have not been so challenged since at least the Second World War – challenged by the Climate Crisis; challenged by the Covid health, social and economic impacts;  challenged by inequality of opportunity, in race, gender and so much else; challenged by the fear based strategies used by businesses in these times.

In our judgment, the key to us moving forward is both very straightforward and very difficult – for leaders from all walks of life to open their hearts! We believe that with an open heart, its pretty hard to ignore the damage your organisation (or even Country) is doing to the environment, to treat people like disposable objects, to perpetuate inequality and to generally be self centred and uncaring. Specifically in business, we don’t believe leaders with open hearts can be complicit to environmental damage or poor treatment of people.

It is a very exciting time, as we see more and more leaders understanding the importance of opening their hearts and taking a different approach. And its not an easy journey. We close our hearts so that we don’t feel things that are uncomfortable; opening it means feeling that discomfort and using it to do something different. 

Opening our hearts helps us see that we are all interconnected and need each other to survive and thrive. Opening our hearts takes humility and vulnerability, the ability to admit we were wrong and don’t know everything. 

Our Role

Our role at Heart in Business is to help leaders open their hearts. Through this we reignite individual and group potential organisations – people who have lost their spark and creativity through the endless grind of being driven by the old short term profit focused business model.

Everything we do is tried, tested and proven in founder Andrew Thornton’s award-winning north London supermarket ‘laboratory’, Thornton’s Budgens

How we do it

We open peoples hearts through our Authentic Leadership training programmes and working along side leaders in business who want to be a force for good; this work helps leaders open their hearts and their organisations become much more effective. We have proven that heart centred companies out perform those that are not.

To support this, we are a certified B-Corp, committed to sustainable, people-centred ways of doing business.

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