Shanthy Lal on the benefits of Alignment Coaching.

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As part of our strategy at Heart in Business Limited, we utilize Alignment Coaching which takes you through a tried and tested, highly structured 6-hour to get everyone doing what they love doing. Over 4 coaching sessions, each lasting 1.5 hours, you will evolve your understanding of the roles at the workplace that truly satisfy your authentic self and create your own personal ‘flow map’; your customised needs from the workplace for you to achieve an optimal state of flow. As part of this process, each participant will undertake an on-line ‘Strengths Finder’ assessment from whence we realign responsibilities to reflect each of the teams flow maps and key strengths, and take whatever decisions are necessary to deal with any overlaps or gaps, with compassion and heartfulness at the core of these decisions.

Here is Shanthy Lal from Thornton’s Budgens talk about the benefits she received from Alignment Coaching and how she believes that the process is vital for the creation of an effective and strong team ethos.