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Whatever your faith, for most people this is the season for taking from time away from work to be with friends and families.  And it can be a time of stress too, with many families not used to spending so much time together.

For me, this season, I am going to do my best to be as heartful at home as I can. For as my colleague Rasa pointed out in our short video on the Heart Programme, being heartful in work is about love and you can use the same approaches at home, as some of the team at Thornton’s Budgens have been doing.

So what does being heartful at home or work mean? Here are a few ideas:

  • Listening – not pre-judging what people are about to say or figuring out how you will reply – just listening to them and being fully present with them.
  • Being honest – if you are feeling irritated find a kind way to say it. Chances are it has nothing to do with the other person.  Something they have said or done triggers a past memory – maybe from your childhood. Do you best to own it. For example, saying “When you said XYZ, it reminded me of ABC when I was growing up and it irritated me”, can help express your irritation (which they will feel regardless of whether you say it or not) and let it go, rather than have it fester.
  • Supporting others – last minute preparations for Christmas and preparing the huge feasts that seem to go with this time of year can be hard work and the balance of responsibility is often unequal. Be aware of what needs to be done and offer to do your fair share.
  • Show appreciation – a key to life! Be on the look out of things to appreciate at home (and with colleagues) and then say it! At Thornton’s Budgens we call it, “looking out of things going right” (as opposed to what we as humans naturally do and looking for what is not working). Try doing a paired two minute gratitude review at home where each person gets to share uninterrupted what they appreciate about the other. And then to receive gratitude from the other.

I appreciate you reading this blog and I wish you a festive season and all the best for 2015.

This blog will return in the beginning of January.

Warm Wishes


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