Nicolas David Ngan on his experience of sharing the Soul Contract Business Reading work with business leaders

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I have had a very interesting time sharing my spiritually based tools, like the Soul Contract Business Reading work, with the heads of companies. My challenge has been to bridge these tools into the corporate world, in a language that is credible for CEOs so that they will actively engage with me to help them, their Board and their business as a whole align much more to their true Mission in life

In addition to running a successful, cutting edge, personal development business for the past 18 years, I also, in a previous life, have a background in the commercial development of satellite based global mobile communication services, so I bring some credibility to the table when I share the Soul Contract Business Reading work with the heads of companies as I speak their business language, so they are willing to give me an audience. I am not seen as some unwashed, bearded, sandal wearing, New Age hippie peddling his wares to them.

Business leaders know deep inside them that something fundamentally has to change in the way they run their businesses. The challenge is that they are not quite sure what issues they need to address. The key to working out what that change should be is to first uncover what are the deepest underlying challenges, qualities, drives and true life purpose inherent within the CEO and in each member of their Board that create the way they function in the outer world and also very importantly how their hidden working relationship dynamics work within the board.

The Soul Contract Business Reading work uses an advanced numerological analysis process that calculates from someone’s name what these unconscious patterns of behaviour are and where someone is in terms of working through these patterns. It then produces very specific recommendations targeted at the issues that are revealed so that they can maximise their potential in life at both a personal and professional level, by working through the big challenges they face, fully activating their latent qualities and achieving their deepest drives so as to align to and achieve their life purpose.

This approach really stretches the left brained, analytical approach most business leaders use to assess new ideas and processes. As a result, it’s frequently met with a mixture of scepticism and curiosity as a result of the claims we make regarding what the Soul Contract Business Reading work can achieve in giving a CEO clarity on what their life is really about. Each CEO is given a free taster session and even though their left brain finds it challenging to grasp, they have been amazed at how accurate the Soul Contract Business Reading work is in terms of understanding who they are and what their true Mission in life is and where they should be taking their company.

We had one CEO who was locked into a power struggle with a key member of her board. This created an enormous barrier to the CEO moving forward with her vision for the business, becoming an open hearted, authentic, connected, organisation where people pulled together and worked in close co-operation with each other. She felt enormous frustration at the management grid lock she was trapped in.

The Soul Contract Business Reading work enabled me to show her the deepest underlying, subconscious programming both within herself and the intransigent Board member and revealed the hidden energetic relationship dynamics between them that were creating the gridlock.

We came up with a strategy to optimally engage with her Board Member to start to dissolve the gridlock. We established that she needed to re-balance the power dynamic between them in order to take more charge of this situation and in the process empower her fellow board member to step up into his power so he could more effectively run his part of the business.

While the CEO’s analytical mind had a hard time understanding how I so rapidly came to these conclusions, her gut feeling told her that everything I was saying was true, even though she found it challenging to understand the process I used. She finally understood the root cause of the management challenge she faced and had been handed the recommended solution. However, she was now faced with the dilemma of how to present this solution in a way that was acceptable to her board. For it was going to require a stretching of their belief systems in order to accept this more right brained, touchy-feely approach to managing critically needed change within the business.

After much deliberation, she said she was inclined to follow my advice as it felt right. She also realised that if she did anything less than properly addressing the root cause of the conflict, it would not be resolved and would continue to fester and remain a barrier to her business surviving, let alone expanding in a highly competitive market.

This is where we step in to help the CEO, implement this solution with processes and language that her Board can handle using our coaching tools. These provide a means to implement the findings, uncovered with the Soul Contract Business Reading work, in a practical, down to Earth way. In this case we would facilitate the CEO to come more into her own personal power first, so then she becomes strong enough to reposition herself within the Board power structure, in order to lead the implementation of the significant change that is required.

The result of this is that both the CEO and her Board would become much more aligned with their true Mission in life, and with the true mission of the business, which is also revealed by the Soul Contract Business Reading work. They would also be facilitated to optimise their positioning within the management structure to create more harmony in their working relationships and the vision of the CEO of creating a close knit organisation would then start to manifest into reality.

With heart,

Nicolas David Ngan

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