Malissa Taylor-Saks on Gratitude as one of the cornerstones of what we do at Heart in Business Limited

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“I’ve learned that gratitude can bring many hidden gifts. If we stay open to these, they can surprise us in so many ways. I’ve also learned that it’s all too easy to take things for granted – sometimes we only really appreciate what we have once it’s gone, or when we are about to lose it.” Mary Daniels, author of Wild Awakening

I found myself feeling unappreciated and undervalued a few weeks ago. This was nothing to do with work, but I guess you could call it the ‘winter blues.’ My mobile phone rang. It was one of my colleagues. She told me that she didn’t really need anything from me, but she wanted to tell me that I was so appreciated and an essential part of the company. My heart skipped a beat. I floated about my office like a giant red balloon attached to the arm of a delightfully happy child at the summer fair. A few hours later, another colleague called to let me know that he valued my input and asked me a strange question, “What is it that you think you may need to thrive here at our company?” My red balloon of happiness filled up a bit more and it was then that I realized what exactly it was that made me tick. Thankfulness. Gratitude and the fact that the bosses had called me to let me know that they valued me and that I am important not only to the running of the company, but to them. That tiny gesture of gratitude left me feeling like I could take on anything thrown at me and thrive.

I don’t remember who said it, but someone very clever once said that to show gratitude for the little things in life opens the door to even greater things. Whilst reading Mary’s book – Wild Awakening recently, I was reminded of these wise, wonderful words. One may think, “Well, this is a blog about a business strategy. It’s not some out-there, mumbo jumbo self-help website.” Yes, amongst other things, we do offer support to business institutions, but for me, that support comes in the guise of seeing what we have already and building on that. No business comes as a blank slate. It is a collection of ideas by a group of people who want to enrich the world in some way. Ultimately, I suppose that if we are honest with ourselves, we do hope to make money, but I believe that if we show gratitude for the little things that make up that business idea and appreciate the people who chose to grow their passion, the money will follow.


Heart in Business Limited has as its mantra, “Putting people and the planet first, trusting that profit will follow…” How better to do this than to be thankful for each and every part of the process. It starts with the simple things like acknowledging each other, saying ‘Thank you!’ to one another, listening to what the next person has to say, recognizing their value within the company and showing them that their role is vitally important to the existence of the company. In other words, putting people first. In conjunction, we need to do the same for the planet on which we find ourselves. When last did we look at a bowl of food and thank the earth for her bounty. I know this sounds crazy, but I am convinced that when I gave a little thanks for my food, it tastes better. When we are thankful for what we have, we tend to treat those things with care. Let’s be thankful for each other and for our planet, put these first, and I believe, without a doubt, that all good things will follow.


With gratitude,


Malissa Taylor-Saks