Heart Programme (from Heart in Business Limited)

Inspired by environmental activist Joanna Macy, the Heart Programme was created by Heart in Business Limited for the supermarket Thornton’s Budgens. It takes people through a process that helps them better connect with each other and share themselves fully at work.

It involves three steps, which kicks off a different way of being as teams in an organisation.

In Thornton’s Budgens this programme was run for all full time employees (about 50 people) through five workshops that were run (by department) over 7 months.

The three steps are:

  1. A one-to-one interview: where each participant team member is interviewed about their life. This is no ordinary interview, with questions such as ‘what is your best memory as a child’ and ‘when did you first connect with nature’.  This helps the team member to get used to sharing in a different way and creates a deep connection between them and the interviewer.
  2. The Heart Workshop: a half day workshop where the whole department works through 4 stages together:
  • What we are grateful for
  • What is painful in our lives
  • Seeing with new eyes
  • Action planning for a better future
  1. The action planning workshop: the ideas generated in the Heart Workshop are the turned into a tangible action plan for the department, with clear responsibilities and timelines agreed.

To ensure that the energy and goodwill created is maintained, each department meets on a monthly basis to review actions and results and to plan new initiatives that help meet the team and the company objectives.

After a recent Checkout monthly Heart Meeting, one of the team commented “I feel more responsibility after these meetings”.

Heart in Business Limited can implement this process in your business. If you are interested, please complete this contact form.

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