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Business is undergoing massive change in the great turmoil we are experiencing in the World at this time. The old paradigm where business saw itself as separate from society and was primarily focussed on the bottom line is collapsing.

I would like to share with you a vision I have that each business is actually an integral part of society that is interdependently linked to many different elements including its staff, customers, and suppliers and business partners. Ultimately it is all One, a Unified Whole.

Each business has a unique identifiable Mission or Gift of Service to offer to the Whole, to society. Each entrepreneur, owner, CEO, director, manager and staff member has a life purpose, a mission, which can be uncovered. When you are consciously aligned to this authentic life purpose, are repositioned in your business to fully express the Gifts of Service within this purpose and your business is aligned to its true purpose, it has a much better chance of truly flourishing. This is because all components are aligned to the flow of Spiritual Intelligence. This comprises your inner perceptions, intuitions, drives, sensing, feeling and knowing. For a business this is the direction the foundational energy flow that created it in the first place moves in.

It is lack of alignment with Spiritual Intelligence, which is why some businesses don’t work anymore, because they are not doing the right thing, with the right people in the right way at the right time. The leaders of these businesses know something is not quite right and are searching for a way forward.

It has been proven that businesses that focus on service have a better bottom line result than those that just focus on the bottom line only at the expense of everything else. If all of its stakeholders including staff, suppliers, business partners, and customers are all served properly, it is much more likely to flourish not just financially but to become an amazing place to work at. (Ref.1)

This is about moving beyond just optimising business processes to actually aligning the most important component of your business, its human capital, to the flow of Spiritual Intelligence so that they can maximise the expression of their potential and can flow in harmony with each other.

Aligning with the flow of Spiritual Intelligence means doing things that open your heart, rather than doing things that close it which your ego mind is telling you, you should do because it will give you a competitive advantage and/or make you more money.

I use this approach all the time when making decisions in running my spiritually based businesses, Center For Conscious Ascension, and jointly with my Partners in the business consultancy, Heart In Business Limited. As a result of this, both businesses have opened, expanded and attracted to them the people and opportunities that are allowing them to flourish as they deliver their Gifts of Service to the World. This is to create a more conscious and heartful approach to life in general and to the business world respectively, so as to make the World a more sustainable and therefore better place for all of us and future generations to live in.



  1. Springett, Nigel, The Impact of Corporate Purpose on Strategy, Organisations and Financial Performance, pp117-124, Human Resources and Employment Review, Issue no. 2, 2004



Nicolas David Ngan

Partner in Heart in Business Limited 17 May 2015

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