Do Feelings matter in business?

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The Natural Leaders NOW conference was truly inspiring. It is hard to know where to start!! I was thrilled at how Heart in Business was received, how it struck a cord with the audience with what we have done at Thornton’s Budgens. As one delegate commented to me, ‘you are actually doing it, not just talking about it’ and yes I am! And there is a live, real example of Heart in Business in Belsize Park, North London. I invite any of you to visit the store any time and to sense the energy for yourself. Chris Paradox who was our lively, inspiring and witty host for the weekend said he shopped there, loved it and now really understood why the store (and Crouch End when we owned it) felt different. And yes I know that I am talking a lot about feelings and that makes many people in business feel uncomfortable. However, businesses are made up of people, their customers are people – and we human people are very effected by how we feel. And when we feel good, we work much better, spread a positive energy… I know for sure that is great for the bottom line.

And I am making progress in my search to prove that. Through contacts at the conference, I am building on the proof I already have. So I appeal, if you know of businesses that are doing heartful things, let me know – or send on this blog link and invite them to guest blog!

A big thanks to Mac Macartney and Carole Catto for organising this event. I will blog more on the insight from other speakers in the weeks to come, as I slowly absorb all that was said.

Here is an artist’s impression of our Heart in Business strategy.  Keep a look our for the video of my talk as well as the transcript which is coming soon.