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2019 Dates in the UK and Geneva

Behind closed doors we have heard the deep concerns of leaders. They accept that without a much more ambitious clarity of purpose, the corporates, public service and political parties they work for will not retain the confidence of millennials and the Next Gen “.

Thinking the unthinkable, Nik Gowing & Chris Langdon

– Individuals, teams and organizations face a turbulent world and are struggling to adapt

– More than ever before we are being challenged to define our WHY in a way that inspires our people AND creates value for all stakeholders

– Too often though, this exercise is an intellectual one, resulting in nice words, but not enough follow through

Our promise:

1. Quality time and space with a small group of like-minded leaders to reflect on the big WHO & WHY questions

2. A journey to the depths of our inner BEING where the WHY? reveals itself effortlessly and with profound clarity

3. New tools and practical tips to inspire a more BEING focused approach within your teams and organizations.

Why the HUMAN POTENTIAL FORUM might be for you!

Many leaders are now coming to the conclusion that the question “WHY we exist”? is intrinsically linked to WHO we are BEING at the deepest level.

Defining the qualities that make us unique (like: open minded, creative, connected, collaborative or humble) and creating the conditions for them to be lived is key to unleashing purpose.

In other words we are now being asked to deeply listen into our inherent HUMAN POTENTIAL and, combined with our life experiences, let it inform our purpose and our contribution to the organizations we serve.


The following are the dates and locations for our upcoming Human Potential Forums:


Here is what past participants had to say about the 2-day experience:

“What was best about the forum was to work with like-minded people, to learn from others and to help others to learn, to reflect and to use the models. This was the first time that I’ve experienced a workshop where I believe that the event has truly tried to honour the commitments made” – Rich, Group People & Organisational Development Director, UK

“A great two days that left me excited and committed to make Quantic a great place to be, a place where people can shine and where the results are an outcome of the human factor” – Dave, Founder, Quantic, UK

“I enjoyed the opportunity to slow down and to think about my core values and principles. It was a way of zeroing in on areas of my potential which are under-developed and thinking about practical steps I can take to change that situation”  – Miles, Head of Events, Wac Arts, London

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This series of events is run in conjunction with our partners at Being at Full Potential.