Conscious Activism – how to influence businesses to change

Last night, I was at the Conscious Cafe in London and we had a conversation about what conscious activism meant. So for those activists amongst you, here are my thoughts.

What is clear to me is that it needs to have a positive dimension. Whether you like it or not, business is a hugely powerful force in our world today. And if you want to engage with business, you need a positive message – “this is something I stand for and I need your help” – as opposed to “don’t do this, don’t do that”. A while back I sat with a CEO of one of our major food companies and he recalled a meeting he had with the head of a campaigning organisation who was telling him all the things his (food) company SHOULD not be doing….when my friend asked what his (campaigning) organisation stood for, he couldn’t answer, just continuing to repeat what they were against.

So my message, if you want to create change in the world – be that on a global level, in your community, in your office, in your home….know what you want to be different and offer ideas, solutions…rather than just list off what is not working and wrong. That is just too easy to do and gets us no where!

Have a positive and forceful day!