Chris Flowcoacher’s understanding of Heart in Business



This week, I’m delighted to write about Heart in Business, and what that means to me. I’m Chris Randall, one of the Heart in Business team and the founder of FlowCoacher; business coaching that helps individuals, management and businesses in the UK operate in ‘Flow’, and find their Fastest Route To Guaranteed Wealth. It’s my ambition that in my lifetime, every person in the UK goes to work feeling passionate about what they are doing, in a workspace they love being in, to make a purposeful and positive contribution to the world. Which means I wholeheartedly support the Heart in Business movement!

What does Heart in Business look like? For me it’s when everyone in a business is in a state of ‘Flow’; everyone carrying out their roles, fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, and full involvement and enjoyment in the process of those activities.

Here are the five elements that must be present for a business to be in ‘Flow’:


The business understands it is in service to the community. And it works to satisfy the needs and the greater good of everyone. Everyone working in the business gets out of bed knowing that they are making a positive difference to the lives of everyday people. This goes beyond creating an innovative brand, and putting a mission statement on the wall, it’s a willingness, for example, to raise quality standards in an industry sector, higher than anyone has done before, driven by a desire to give everyone in the world a better, long term future. These are the places we love to spend our money in, because we know helping ourselves is helping others too.


The business cares passionately about what it is doing. Most importantly, everyone that works in the business feels supported (by the CEO and all others), to work in a way that reflects their unique abilities and personal passions. It’s profitable too; customers notice and spend more when they connect with businesses full of people who are in tune with their role and love what they do.

These next two elements need to be considered together:


Everyone in the business is appropriately challenged by the role they have to fulfill.



An appropriate challenge is a level that stretches each person, just enough out of their comfort zone, so that they’re never bored, but not so much that they ever give up. Also, it is vital that the challenge and skill levels are constantly being raised, in order to avoid stagnation.


We all need a framework of rules within which to operate, however, a business in ‘Flow’ goes further and empowers its people to set their own rules. These rules might be embodied in targets, goals or ways of behaving in the business.

What are the results of a business being in ’Flow’?

They are great places to work. And from a management point of view, issues like staff motivation and quality control practically fade away in a business staffed with people who know they are making a positive difference, care passionately about their work, are constantly excited by fresh challenges and learning opportunities, and who feel truly empowered.

This is what Heart in Business means to FlowCoacher!

Warm Wishes

Chris Randall

Heart in Business