Andrew Thornton compares heartfulness and a Nobelman

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At the Nobleman workshop, fourteen men got the chance to understand how their childhood experiences influence so much of how they behave today. And with that, as men, they got a much greater understanding of the feminine and how different women are to us men. What I experienced was an extraordinary transformation as each participant saw how their early relationship with the feminine was affecting them and how by being aware and conscious about this, they could let down their defenses and open their hearts – not just to the women in their lives, but to everyone they interact with. And with this open heart comes a much greater honesty and the ability to share what is really going on as opposed to what we think people might want to hear.


So you may be wondering what this has to do with Heart in Business Limited? Over the weekend, I found myself realising that the unconscious behaviour we were all learning about at the weekend is the same unconscious behaviour that is so prevalent at the boardroom table.


Lately, I have become more and more aware of just how much conflict there is in boardrooms and in business in general. Some of it is obvious – hostility, bullying, fear based cultures and some much more subtle – the unspoken anger, hurt and lack of respect. In fact, the unspoken is often more damaging. A while back I listened to an excellent BBC Radio 4 programme on secrets and how psychologically damaging it is to hold secrets and how it effects your ability to work properly.


My realisation over the weekend was that what we are doing in Heart in Business Limited is just the same as we were doing at Nobleman – turning the unconscious into conscious; and in so doing allowing our hearts to open. Through our Heart Resuscitation Programme, we help business leaders to better understand what is driving their behaviour (both conscious and unconscious). With that understanding and awareness, we can start to open our hearts and be more honest with each other. With that in place, we then focus on getting everyone doing what they love doing.


With the leadership of a company or even a division of a bigger corporation in a place where their hearts are open, where they are honest with each other and all their interactions are conscious (and therefore more authentic) and everyone doing what they love doing, they will be much more caring and heartful, allowing that love to spread throughout the organisation. The outcome, a much happier workforce and of course, a more profitable and long-term sustainable company. While this is about heart and caring, it is also good business sense.


With heart,


Andrew Isaac Thornton