A day trip to the seaside…

The week before last, we decided to hold our regular team meeting at the seaside. The initial reason behind the trip was to meet our social media team member, Malissa. She lives several hours away and we had only ever met her through Skype or webinar. We decided we would all travel down together by train […]

We all fall down…

My partner and I decided to book a week away. Nothing particular, just a week away to reconnect with ourselves and each other. We decided to book through airbnb. We found a lovely little place on a small island. We were feeling slightly smug that we’d planned and booked the holiday well in advance. Then […]

Andrew Thornton on the purpose of a Higher Purpose

“The way we are working in organisations isn’t working” Discuss! Let’s look at two key facts.  First, according to Gallup, 87% of people who work in organisations globally are emotionally disconnected from their work.  Given the percentage of the world’s population that work in organisations and how much time we spend working, this is a […]

Store managers can teach us about leadership

Written by Steve Dodd This week we have a blog by Steve Dodd. In some circles retailing is regarded as a second rate career.  Poor academic results?  No ambition?  Didn’t try hard at school?  Well, you could always work in a shop! It’s true, many retail leaders did not start out with great academic credentials […]