Chris Langdon and Nik Gowing on why we must “think the unthinkable.”

Thinking the unthinkable has to be routine for leaders across business, finance the public and third sector, given the scale and pace of change that all organisations are facing, argue Nik Gowing and Chris Langdon. Why did so many at the very highest levels in leadership roles fail to anticipate the financial crash of 2008,  […]

Stewart Wallis OBE on what Heart in Business means to him

What is business for? And who is it for? These are questions that have intrigued me ever since I was a 21 year old at university. I applied to a number of companies (the usual ‘milk round’) whilst at Cambridge; I was interviewed by a major multi-national at one of their detergent plants. One of […]

Heart and Servant Leadership

I have the honour of speaking at the Servant Leadership conference in London next week. For me, Heart in Business and Servant Leadership come from the same source. The Servant Leadership principle is simple – that as leaders, we need to serve – serve the people who work for us, serve our communities, serve the […]