Andrew Thornton compares heartfulness and a Nobelman

At the Nobleman workshop, fourteen men got the chance to understand how their childhood experiences influence so much of how they behave today. And with that, as men, they got a much greater understanding of the feminine and how different women are to us men. What I experienced was an extraordinary transformation as each participant […]

Andrew Thornton on Compassion in Business

I was very fortunate to be invited to speak at the first working Conference on Compassion last week – for be in a work context, being heartful and compassionate are very similar. I was on the business panel and spent 24 hours in discussion with people from all walks of life on compassion. Whether these […]

Andrew Thornton brings heartfulness to The Grocer magazine

For those of you who have ever worked in the food industry (as I have all my working life) you’ll know The Grocer, which for over 150 years has been our industry’s ‘bible’. Cleverly it arrives in the post (yes the post!) every Saturday morning to be read over your Cornflakes. It was a great […]