TalentRocket’s Chris Platts on Heart in Business

  What heart in business means to me and how TalentRocket helps people find roles in more heartful companies ­ by Chris Platts, Founder and CEO TalentRocket “Circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him.” I was 28 years old and in the space of 2 short years I lost both my parents. At […]

Heart Resuscitation at Thornton’s Budgens

Heart in Business Limited has grown out of Thornton’s Budgens, which I have been running heartfully since it was created in 2006. And it is based on the approaches that each of the founders have used to transform companies. We have turned all those experiences into a 9-step process (heartinbusiness.org). We have named step 2, […]

Two Lessons from Ian Thurgood

Lesson One:   A long time ago, I was working as a draftsman in a company with 70,000 employees. It was easy to come and go, relatively un-noticed and as a somewhat introverted individual, that rather suited me. My work was of an acceptable standard and in some ways I quite enjoyed it.   One […]