Chris Randall on Doing What You Love To Transform Your Performance

One of the most consistently liberating processes I facilitate for senior leadership teams, is to get the leadership team to stop doing what they don’t want to do and only do the aspects of the business they love doing. Once we’ve got the leadership doing the work they love doing, we then move on to […]

Andrew Thornton on Leadership – the key to a better business world

The first step to becoming a heartful business is that the CEO says yes; yes that he/she is committed to make the changes needed to become heartful and to contribute to a better business world.  To me that decision takes real leadership and courage, and requires deep self confidence and inner clarity. Without inner clarity, […]

Andrew Thornton on Clearing the cupboard for empowerment

As I wrote last week, we were delighted our community rose to object to Tesco opening up 150 metres from Thornton’s Budgens. And we took this as a wake up call.  If we are to thrive in the ultra competitive UK food market, we have to raise our game and go deeper into our principles […]

Andrew Thornton on The Power of Community

  One of the three planks of the Heart in Business Limited approach is taking care of your community – along with taking care of your people and our planet. At Thornton’s Budgens, we call ourselves, “The Community Supermarket that really Cares” and we feel we can do that as over our nine year history, […]