Nicolas David Ngan on Heart Opening In Business

    Business is undergoing massive change in the great turmoil we are experiencing in the World at this time. The old paradigm where business saw itself as separate from society and was primarily focussed on the bottom line is collapsing. I would like to share with you a vision I have that each business […]

David Cadman on Heart in Business: Love Matters

Just suppose for a moment that the guiding principle for business was Love. This would change everything. And this possibility is not as odd as it might seem, since it appears that our natural inclination is for loving. According to social biologist Humberto Maturana, we are by nature “loving animals” – homo sapiens amans. And […]

Ralph Lewis on ‘What job do we want business to do for us?’

Clayton Christensen made his reputation by looking at marketing and disruptive innovation through the lens of the above question. His study of what school children want schools to do for them is obvious and yet profound. Children want to feel successful and to have fun with their friends every day. Most schools (and educational systems) […]

Andrew Thornton on Millennials: giving us hope for the future

So first you may wonder who/what a Millennial is! A fairly new discovery to me,  they are people born between the early 1980’s and the early 2000’s (also called generation Y). What is unique is the difference in their attitude to work – unlike previous generations who were very career and money focused, Millennials care […]