A seasonal message from Heart in Business

Whatever your faith, for most people this is the season for taking from time away from work to be with friends and families.  And it can be a time of stress too, with many families not used to spending so much time together. For me, this season, I am going to do my best to […]

Andrew Thornton: How the Heart Programme works and why

  The Heart Programme gets people more engaged with each other and with the business they work for. And by being more engaged, they are more involved and feel more ownership. Lets step back though and answer the why question first. If you are a regular reader, you’ll have heard me quote the Gallup statistic […]

Andrew Thornton – “Why do we need to change?”

One perspective on the business world is that all is well. The global economy is slowly recovering from the banking crisis and the classic measures such as Gross National Product are starting to rise again. And while that is certainly a view, in your heart of hearts do you really think this? At the recent […]