Conscious Activism – how to influence businesses to change

Last night, I was at the Conscious Cafe in London and we had a conversation about what conscious activism meant. So for those activists amongst you, here are my thoughts. What is clear to me is that it needs to have a positive dimension. Whether you like it or not, business is a hugely powerful […]

Do Feelings matter in business?

The Natural Leaders NOW conference was truly inspiring. It is hard to know where to start!! I was thrilled at how Heart in Business was received, how it struck a cord with the audience with what we have done at Thornton’s Budgens. As one delegate commented to me, ‘you are actually doing it, not just […]

“So, look after your people…” – Rita Clifton

Recently, I was listening to an after dinner speech by a CEO of a well known retail business. Before this job, he had been in corporate finance. When he was asked what he might have said to his younger ‘wide boy’ self as a piece of advice, he said, “I’d say, for god’s sake, understand […]

What is “Heart in Business”?

So after 18 months of thought and planning, here is my first Heart in Business blog. Why you wonder do I care about Heart in Business? Good question! Well, I believe the current business model is breaking, that the obsession on short term profits is leading businesses further and further away from making a positive […]